Buy Vidispine API as a service on a daily plan. End your subscription at any time. Connect ultra-scalable media services to your API and pay per content minute. Simple cost structure with support for cost estimates across all your managed assets.

Vidispine API

Starter Edition

Vidispine API Starter Edition is the perfect choice for smaller media supply chain projects, as well as development projects, proof-of-concepts, testing new API features and explorative activities.

Limited to 20 users, 10.000 assets and MAX 5 GB database.

$49 / day

($1 / day when paused)

Team Edition

Vidispine API Team Edition is the perfect choice for production systems. All system components are configured in redundant failover clusters, powered by performant servers. 20GB database is included, no upper database size limit. Unlimited users and assets.

$165 / day

($2 / day when paused)

Extra Database Storage

Price per extra GB database. Available for Team Edition only.

$0.4 / GB / day

Vidispine Server Agent

Vidispine Server Agent creates a secure tunnel between your local on-premise content and your Vidispine instance in Vidinet.

$29 / day

Vidispine Transcoder for AWS

Cloud-based video, audio, and image transcoding.


Price per content minute
Bitrates up to 50 Mbps
Bitrates above 50 Mbps

Transcoding & Conform

Bitrates up to 50 Mbps$0.032
Bitrates above 50 Mbps$0.045

Sequence Rendering

Bitrates up to 50 Mbps$0.064
Bitrates above 50 Mbps$0.090


Bitrates up to 50 Mbps$0.042
Bitrates above 50 Mbps$0.055


Bitrates up to 50 Mbps$0.025
Bitrates above 50 Mbps$0.036


Price per content minute
All Bitrates


All Bitrates$0.016


All Bitrates$0.020

Images & PDFs

Price per file
All formats and resolutions


All formats and resolutions$0.020


All formats and resolutions$0.016

AWS Elemental MediaConvert

Video & Audio transcoding powered by AWS Elemental Media Convert.

Video transcoding

AWS Elemental MediaConvert is a file-based video transcoding service with broadcast-grade features. (Developer Preview).

*Find detailed pricing info here

Bitmovin Encoder for AWS

Automatically encode video at bit rates appropriate to the video content. (VN-1006).


Chunk-based encoding enables content to be delivered at up to 100x real-time.

*Format & quality multipliers will apply. Find detailed pricing info on

$ 0.0298 / generated output minute *

File based QC by Aurora

Automated file-based QC powered by Tektronix Aurora.

QC with Tektronix Aurora

Advanced file based video and audio quality control.

$0.20 / content minute

Standards Conversion by Tachyon

Advanced Standards Conversion powered by Cinnafilm Tachyon.

Standards Conversion

GPU-accelerated standards conversion poweredby Cinnafilm Tachyon.

$0.32 / content minute