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Is Vidinet GA?

Yes, with the launch event at IBC, we will open Vidinet for all.

Can I use my existing Vidispine Server instance?

You need Vidispine Server 4.11 to make use of the Vidinet features. Upgrade to Vidinet Server is done the usual way (Vidispine db migrate), and is a smooth process.

How does billing work?

Currently, it is by invoice only. We are working on other payment methods.

What regions do you support?

We will start with AWS eu-west-2 (London) and AWS us-west-1 (N. California). New regions will follow soon.

What about other clouds?

We are working on making Vidinet available on Azure (ETA Q2’2018) and Google Cloud as well.

My company does not allow the media to leave our AWS (Azure/Google) account/VPC. How can I use the managed services of Vidinet?

Vidinet is built for this operation. With an enterprise agreement, you will use Vidinet as above, but workers and media traffic will not leave the boundaries of your account.

It the network traffic secure?

Yes, we use secure traffic in all steps, both for commands and data.

Is there documentation of how the new API calls work?

Yes, APIdoc is included in the 4.11 package (as with all versions), and is updated with the Vidinet information.

I can’t find Vidispine Server 4.11 on marketplace?

It is in the making, expect it to be available mid-October.

What other services will you offer?

At launch we offer transcoding and QC. Coming up is watermarking, studio-grade standards conversion, and document conversion.

Can I buy a Vidispine Server service on Vidinet?

This is on the roadmap for Q1’2018. This will make it possible to deploy a Vidispine system without any parts residing on-premise or in own cloud resources.

Can I use Vidinet services in Vidixplore?

Not yet, but soon.

What SLAs are available for Vidinet?