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Introducing the new Vidispine Product Portfolio

Bringing the Portfolio Together

A key driver in uniting the Arvato Systems media & entertainment and Vidispine portfolios under one brand was the new products and innovations that straddled both identities. However, bringing the portfolio together also gave us the opportunity to restructure the combined portfolio, including renaming some elements, to make it clear how the various parts fit together.

In order to explain the new structure, we need to reveal a bit of our plans for the future:

When Vidispine and Arvato Systems came together in 2017, as well as wanting to continue building class-leading media asset management and media supply chain solutions, we had a vision. That vision was to create a framework for a “content ecosystem” that, through collaboration with customers, other vendors, integrators, consultants and infrastructure providers, would extend beyond our existing portfolio and expand into other markets, without reducing our focus on the broadcast and media & entertainment space. Our goal with the content ecosystem is to create a hub for knowledge, licensing and community that benefits all participants and enables businesses working with content to onboard and scale technology and solutions far quicker than is possible today.

Of course, such an ecosystem isn’t going to appear from nowhere, so we have a plan to build and grow the community around it, and that starts with our own technology and products. When it came to bringing the portfolio together, we had this vision in mind, and our first consideration was how we, together with other participants in the ecosystem, build different solutions for different end users and the technology that underpins them. From this, we categorized all the products in the portfolio into 3 groups – applications, services and platforms.

Depicting various platforms that Vidispine offers as services e.g. VidiNet

Platforms are what our solutions are built on. That could be an on- premise infrastructure, but it could also be our Platform as a Service, VidiNet, or others such as Microsoft 365 – for example for solutions built around our Avatega product.

Depicts the services or backend technologies and APIs that Vidispine offers as solutions e.g. transcoding

Services are back-end technologies that solve a specific task and offer an API. Our solutions include some of our own services, for example for transcoding, but also 3rd party services.

Depicts various applications i.e. fron-end products that Vidispine offers e.g. the MediaLogger application

Applications are front-end products with a UI that might include some back-end services. You can’t take anything away from an application and still have something useful. A good example would be our MediaLogger application.

Previously, we had two suites of products, VPMS and BMS. The products in each suite could be deployed and scaled independently, or combined with other products in the suite to create a whole that was greater than the sum of parts. Separately, we had our media management back-end, known as Vidispine Server, and platform Vidinet.

Having categorized the portfolio in terms of “building blocks” we then looked at how they apply to different solutions. Some products are clearly applicable across different industries, while some are very specifically targeted. We need to maintain this targeting as we remain committed to broadcast and media and entertainment. So to highlight that, we’ve renamed some of our products to make it transparent which provide the building blocks for solutions in all industries, and which provide specific features required by only some.

Product naming is never easy, especially when dealing with an international audience, so we decided to keep things really simple. Any product that has applications across multiple industries now has a name starting “Vidi” and ending with something that indicates what it does, for example our workflow engine, VidiFlow (formerly “VPMS Platform”). Meanwhile, products specific to the management of assets in the media & entertainment and broadcast industry start “Media” and again end with something that indicates what it does, for example MediaPortal, which doesn’t change, or MediaIngest (formerly Origin), our ingest application. Finally, our industry specific ad tech follows the same pattern, but with minimal changes with “S4AdOpt” simplifying to AdOpt and AdStore staying as is.

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Recognizing our portfolio like building blocks, that can be combined in different ways to build different solutions, our products are rarely combined in exactly the same way more than once, we have moved away from product suites and instead look at how our products, and those of third parties, combine to create these solutions. You’ll see this, for example, on our website if you click on “Industry Solutions” and “Media & Entertainment”.

As our ecosystem grows, we’ll add to the applications and services, both with our own and 3rd party products, but also grow the number of solutions and industries we serve. We hope you’ll join us on that journey.

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