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DeepVA - Video Recognition

Simplifies media workflows with computer vision AI

Get access to an integrated and easy-to-use Vision AI. By combining the powerful AI platform from DeepVA and Vidispine’s flexible Media Management Back-end VidiCore, we are now able to offer you to make use of AI in real live workflows. In VidiNet, we offer two services powered by DeepVA: Face Training & Analysis, and Face & Label Extractor

Easy access to custom AI training
Powerful scability 
Full automation through ready to use integration
Pay for what you use - no hidden cost

Services available in VidiNet

Find the pay-as-you-go pricing plan here.

  • This service will enable the powerful AI capabilities of DeepVA for analyzing video content to find faces both unknown and known to the system. Each finding will be fingerprinted and compared, with duplicates being grouped into one fingerprint. All findings will preserve the timecode where the face was found, in order to properly display search results in the user interface. This service also offers the ability to pre-train a face model before analyzing large amounts of content.

    For everyone that is looking to go beyond what can be achieved by pre-trained cognitive services and want to build their own model of faces that might not be known to an international public, this is the service for you!

    Seamless integration into any VidiCore system.

  • With this service, you can automatically run an analysis of your video content which returns image assets of extracted faces together with name labels.

    The “Face and Label Extractor Powered by DeepVA”- service will do a thorough frame-by-frame analysis of videos to find faces and match this with any textual information found in the lower third area of the video. Analysis results from this service will NOT preserve the timecode from where the face was found, but the output can be used to pretrain the face data model for usage with the other DeepVA service, i.e. “Face Training and Analysis by DeepVA”. The output of the “Face and Label Extractor powered by DeepVA”-service is, simply put, a set of still images of a person's face alongside a suggested name of the person based on the findings in the lower thirds.

    For everyone that is looking beyond the pre-trained face detection models offered and wants to build their own model with people such as regional politicians or local celebrities - this is a valuable tool. 

    Seamless integration into any VidiCore system.

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AI in your Media Asset Management system

Get access to an integrated and easy-to-use Vision AI
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