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Our Pricing Structure

Vidispine provides a broad portfolio including platforms, applications and services. Our portfolio can be recognized as building blocks, that can be combined in different ways to build different solutions. The products are rarely combined in exactly the same way more than once. 

That's why each product in our portfolio has its own individual pricing structure to meet your specific needs when building your solution. For VidiNet (our Media Service platform), you can find the pricing below. For our other products, please request pricing in the contact form.


VidiNet Pricing

Vidinet Media Services Pricing. Try VidiNet for free and get $300 in trial service credits, here

Pricing - Vidispine Portfolio

For our other products in the portfolio, please request pricing in the contact form below.

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Contact us today to discuss a plan that's perfect for your business needs. Fill out the form and let us know what you are interested in, and we will get back to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Buy VidiCore API as a service on a daily plan. End your subscription at any time. Connect ultra-scalable media services to your API and pay per content minute. Simple cost structure with support for cost estimates across all your managed assets. 

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