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Helping you succeed with video technology

We developed a technology with the future in mind, based on the insights of each customer’s unique media management requirements in an on-prem, cloud, and hybrid environment.  

To be able to meet the challenges, we realized that we did not only need a regular MAM product – we also needed a developer platform architecture. In a developer platform environment, you have the flexibility to design your unique functionality and integration points for your media supply chain and business model – a little bit like writing your own feature specification. 

Learn about our enabling technologies developed for more than ten years, and how it can help you with your video technology development. 

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Vidispine Development Toolkit (VDT)

VDT is a toolkit for developers to build and design individual user interfaces allowing users to interact with the Vidisipine API media supply chain in any way required. The VDT comes with a set of web templates based on Django, Python, and Vue.js as quick starting points for building your web applications. These templates also add fully decoupled Javascript frontend components and Python backend components in your favorite Python web framework.

You can access the Vidispine API directly or through the Vidispine maintained Python and .NET SDKs.

And best of all, the VDT toolkit is available for free for all Vidispine API users.

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Vidispine API

Vidispine API, the core of our system, is feature-rich RESTful API driven MAM server architecture that allows you to focus on your application development instead of video technology. Vidispine Server scales with you from prototype to a global enterprise system. Vidispine API has the necessary building blocks to manage your media and metadata both on prem and in the cloud or as an hybrid environment if necessary.

Also, Vidispine Server is metadata-driven, allowing you to specify multiple generic and configurable metadata models in the same repository, capturing all information you need on any object in the database. The metadata granularity spans from repository down to objects in a video frame, giving you perfect control over all content. This custom metadata data architecture is an important fundament to be able to adapt to future media supply chain requirements.

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Rasmus Bergander (1)
Rasmus Bergander
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