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Workflow Orchestration & Automation

Maximize functionality & value with Vidispine's applications for workflow management & automation. Choose between several applications that best suits you!

Take Control of Your Media Workflows

At Vidispine, we believe in taking the “best of breed” approach to media solutions and giving our customers a choice of technology partners. One result of this can be a number of different applications and services that need to be orchestrated to work in harmony.

Our applications for workflow management and automation are tightly integrated with other services via APIs to maximize functionality and, in turn, value. Meanwhile, for workflow orchestration we employ widely use industry standards for defining and executing workflows to minimize onboarding and team training.


VidiFlow - Workflow Orchestration

VidiFlow enables you to orchestrate and automate your media workflows.


MediaIngest - Advanced Ingest Control & Content Origination

MediaIngest orchestrates the complete process of ingesting and normalising incoming material to the video, audio and metadata standards of the organisation.

Let us help you get started!

Let us help you get started with the Workflow Orchestration & Automation Applications by Vidispine. Contact us to get a free demo or if you have any questions. You can find the contact info below.

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