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Browser based video production solution

Create high quality broadcast and web video content quickly and easily

VidiEditor is the browser based editing solution for journalists and video content producers who need to quickly and easily create short- and medium-form content. It can be integrated into enterprise environments, inluding broadcast workflows, or dynamically scale with cloud-based SaaS deployments on the VidiNet platform.

The entry feature set enables simple editing, for example in news, web, sports or infotainment, resulting in high quality content that is air-ready for broadcast or as web content. VidiEditor functionality compliments functionality of craft editing NLEs such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid MediaComposer or Davinci Resolve, by providing a simple interface to start projects, before sending an EDL to the craft editor.

With the UI accessed through a standard web browser and video streamed into the client, VidiEditor is a perfect fit for remote working or a distributed workforce. Additionally, since it requires no specialist applications or client installations, with a user friendly interface, new VidiEditors can be rapidly onboarded.

Video production is complex and requires special applications and hardware?

That need not be the case, the Vidispine VidiEditor allows users to quickly and easily create video content without the need for dedicated hardware or application installation.

VidiEditor focuses on the most-used features for video production and while also integratiing into NLEs. The browser based approach allows users to work everywhere in the world without need of specific equipment. Video streaming and transcoding is handled seamlessly in the background so the user can concentrate fully on the content without needing to worry about complex transcoder settings or organizing media files. Just open a web page and start editing.

Your Benefits

Single Interface

Create your video content everywhere in the world without dedicated hardware

Fast learning curve

Intuitive user interface allows users to create content without lots of training or experience

Strong Server

Video streaming enables users to work with remote media and the integrated transcoder allows export of a wide variety of formats.

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Let us help you get started with VidiEditor in VidiNet. Contact us to get a free demo or let us help you create a customized trial based on your needs. You can find the contact info below.

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Rasmus Bergander (1)
Rasmus Bergander
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