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Browser based video editor - VidiEditor

Create high-quality broadcast and web video content quickly and easily with Vidispine’s browser-based video editor

VidiEditor - Web browser video editor

VidiEditor is the browser-based video editor solution for journalists and video content producers who need to quickly and easily create short- and medium-form content. It can be integrated into enterprise environments, including broadcast workflows, or dynamically scale with cloud-based SaaS deployments on the VidiNet media services platform.

Browser-based editing - Use cases

VidiEditor enables simple editing, for example in news, web, sports, or infotainment, resulting in high-quality content that is “air-ready” for broadcast or distribution on the web or social media. VidiEditor compliments the functionality of craft editing NLEs (non-linear editing software) such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid MediaComposer, or Davinci Resolve, by providing an intuitive user interface to start projects and allowing hand over projects to finalize in the NLE. 

Perfect for remote working 

With the UI accessed through a standard web browser and media streamed into the client, our browser video editor, VidiEditor, is a perfect fit for remote working or a distributed workforce. Users just open a web page and start editing based on a centralized media repository. Since VidiEditor is a web browser video editor based on HTML-5 technology, it requires no specialist applications or client-side installations.

Rapid Onboarding

The Vidispine browser-based video editor comes with a modern and highly intuitive user interface simplifying technical parameters while concentrating on the use case. It allows for rapid onboarding of new users on standard office laptops or desktops without the need for intensive training. 

Completely scalable

VidiEditor allows dynamic scaling for all used backend components supporting Kubernetes-based infrastructure. On the user’s side, VidiEditor scales with the number of concurrent user sessions, rather than named users, meaning that you are never paying for unused application instances.

Centralized Media

VidiEditor builds on the class-leading VidiCore media-management back-end as a centralized repository making projects, media, and metadata accessible for all your users. This also provides central user management, deletion protection, and backend tasks while also enabling powerful integrations to other services and applications via the VidiCore API.

VidiEditor screenshot

Is video production complex and requires special applications and hardware?

That does not have to be the case, the Vidispine browser-based video editor, VidiEditor, allows users to quickly and easily create video content without the need for dedicated hardware or application installation.

VidiEditor focuses on the most-used features for video production and while also providing the possibility of into NLEs. The browser-based approach allows users to work everywhere in the world without the need for specific equipment. Video streaming and transcoding are handled seamlessly in the background so the user can concentrate fully on the content without needing to worry about complex transcoder settings or organizing media files. Just open a web page and start editing.

Advantages of Vidispine’s browser-based video editor

Single Interface

Create your video content everywhere in the world without dedicated hardware

Fast learning curve

Intuitive user interface allows users to create content without lots of training or experience

Strong Server

Video streaming enables users to work with remote media and the integrated transcoder allows export of a wide variety of formats.

What is a web-based video editor?

Using VidiEditor in a SaaS environment enables you to use a web browser video editor that is harnessing the power of cloud computing, allowing you to book the needed infrastructure in the cloud and scale it as needed. The files are stored centrally hosting the browser video editor, where the user controls the interface from a standard web browser. Video editing on a browser provides a plethora of advantages to a company’s video production workflow and needed infrastructure.

Benefits of editing videos online

We’ve already seen what Netflix has done to the movie industry, completely changing the way the world watches movies, shows, and series, by utilizing web technologies to great effect. We’re seeing a similar revolution within the gaming industry, where game streaming services from Nvidia, Microsoft, and Google are gaining ground. 

And the same is happening in the editing industry where utilizing video editors on a browser is becoming more commonplace. These are the three main advantages of moving to a web-based workflow:

  • A true browser-based video editor is powered by the latest cloud computing technologies, opening up a new world of opportunities for the software and user. Transcoding, streaming, and number of users can be scaled up and down dynamically without the need of designing a complex server infrastructure. Editing videos can be performed on low-end computers/laptops saving you money on hardware and at the same time causing little to zero impact on battery life. Moreover, since the heavy processing is removed from your computer, you can still use it even while the video is rendering or being transcoded.

  • Editing videos in the cloud pretty much means access to endless storage. This directly removes the need for a company to invest in expensive storage solutions. Not to mention, sharing a specific project or library with someone else is as simple as sending an invite. 

  • Last but not least, the great convenience of an online browser video editor. No more bulky hardware, no computer hardware requirements, and access from anywhere, at any time where an internet connection is available.

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