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Professional Project Management for Editing Projects

Manage and organize your editing projects with EditMate

Collaborative Editing & Project Management for Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC

EditMate delivers a toolkit for managing and editing projects in a streamlined, intuitive and highly efficient manner – all from within Adobe® Premiere®.

From project creation and collecting media, to the export and storage of edited material, users benefit from a series of features designed to simplify the spectrum of tasks involved in a modern and collaborative editing environment. Project creation made easy.

Work on Editing Projects - From Anywhere?

Increasing numbers of editing projects and an exponentially rising level of media and metadata is challenging for everyone. Regardless of how disciplined and careful we are, the complexity of editing projects can confuse people and disrupt metadata, slowing the pace of work and increasing the administrative burden. EditMate solves this by bringing all your projects and media into a single, searchable library – eliminating complex folder structures and putting all your projects at your fingertips.


New Web-Based Interface Keeps You Working Anywhere with Editmate

EditMate features a comprehensive web interface enabling users to browse and organize EditMate media and projects. The new interface also gives access to basic media management functions and configuration options without the need to open Adobe Premiere Pro.

Three Ways to Improve Collaboration with EditMate

Working Remotely in Production and Post-production

Learn more about the capabilities of a modern PAM system when it comes to remote video production workflows in Adobe Premiere Pro environments.

Your Benefits

Overall view

Easily manage thousands of projects with a clear, centralized overview


Avoid accidental overwrites in the workgroup with project locking

Work anywhere

Work anywhere with adaptive streaming to clients and server-based renderings


Intuitive Adobe Premiere Panel for easy and fast workflows

Memory optimization

Project parking for budget-friendly storage management


Create advanced content workflows with seamless integration with other VPMS products

Solution brief compact for download: Collaborative Editing & Project Management
Collaborative Editing & Project Management

Solution brief compact for download

Editing Project Management with EditMate

See how EditMate can save you time, nerves and money in this video.

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