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Media Production Tools by Vidispine

Read more about Vidispine's media production tools, a range of applications putting the user experience and creativity first. Book a demo today!

Get Creative with our Media Production Tools

With the global rise in video consumption (and creation) there has never been a greater need to increase the simplicity and efficiency with which media can be produced. The complexities of format, structure, location, rights and versions can too easily get in the way of creativity or cause frustrating delays in the production process.

Vidispine offers a range of applications that put the user experience front and center, ensuring that the focus is creativity and productivity. We handle all the technical complexity in the background so users can focus on the task at hand, be that finding clips, annotating shots or editing media together.

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VidiEditor - Browser based video production solution

VidiEditor - video editor in a standard web browser that is fast and easy to use for users at all levels.


EditMate - Professional project management for editing projects

EditMate is the solution for managing Premiere Pro projects and the related media files for seamless collaboration in production environments.

Let us help you get started!

Let us help you get started with Vidispine's Media Production Tools. Contact us to get a free demo or let us help you create a customized trial based on your needs. You can find the contact info below.

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