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The Portal into Your Media World

Easy access to your content with MediaPortal

What do you need to create the perfect story?

Journalists, content producers and media managers alike need fast and easy access to the vast repository of content available at their fingertips. MediaPortal provides an intuitive interface to the content repository along with the functionality to collect, curate and share this content within one search logic and an intuitive design. It also supports the next steps in the media workflow by incorporating advanced video & metadata tools for browsing, editing or logging of material across multiple locations.

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Your benefits

Single interface

Manage journalistic workflows and media management tasks from a single interface.


Search faster with user-friendly features including auto-complete and search suggestions

Live updates

Always work on the latest content with live updates to search results

Let us help you get started

Contact us to get a demo or if you have any questions about MediaPortal. You can find the contact info below.

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