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Cross Platform Order Management

Combine and coordinate your Cross Media Ad Campaigns with AdStore

Monetize your content across platforms
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Can You Monetize Your Content Across All Linear and Digital Platforms?

Advertisers now demand that their campaigns are planned and delivered using both linear TV channels and digital outlets to reach their target audiences. TV, VoD and social media each have their own complexities which make effective campaign planning for improved ad sales and delivery too slow and expensive.

Arvato Systems' AdStore unifies content monetization from any platform, including Internet, TV, VOD, etc, together into a shared marketing solution. With AdStore, you can use a single process to create complex customer campaigns across multiple channels and you can offer customers powerful invoicing choices with unified and customized billing.

Download Case Study: Cross-Media Content Monetization – Turning the Challenge into an Opportunity
Download Case Study

Cross-Media Content Monetization – Turning the Challenge into an Opportunity

Your Benefits

One access point

All commercial inventory via a single access point: TV, VOD, online, mobile, offline, and more

Sales packages

Increase media sales with predefined products and cross-platform packages


Quickly assemble and capture orders with an intuitive "shopping cart"


Optimize performance with objective-based booking and budget shifting across portfolio


Identify upselling potential with additional platforms for existing deals

One workflow

Connect divergent sales processes into a single, managed workflow that includes unified billing

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AdStore - Unified Cross-Media Ad Sales

Business Solution compact for download. 

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