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AI powered TV ad server

Delivering better revenue with AdOpt

What's the Best Positioning for Your Customer's Advertising?

AdOpt is the ad server for linear inventory from Arvato Systems. Three pillars of functionality ensure the best possible placement of ad in order to increase revenue generation and also customer satisfaction.

Optimization: A decision engine manages spots automatically within the inventory. Based on user-defined rules AdOpt optimizes placement to reach the objectives of the linear TV suborders.
Spot Management: An intuitive and flexible user interface that will allow users to manage spots within the inventory.
A.I. driven Forecast and Posting: Award winning audience forecasting and the proof of performance.

Publishers and advertisers can define objectives such as "fill unsold inventory" (plotting), "maximize revenue" or "rating points", and can set and adjust flexible parameters for rights or business rules.


Your Benefits

Sales Growth

Create new revenue potential


Improve customer satisfaction with individual booking preferences


Define individual booking rules and optimization objectives

Test in Advance

Review and analyze optimization scenarios with simulation and modelling


Save time with automatic and rapid spot placement


Use S4AdOpt with your existing sales and traffic systems

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AdOpt fully met our stringent requirements and we are now in a great position to face the future.

How improved targeting adds to your monetization strategy

Read in our article (published in FKT 11/2019) how to improve targeting and enable advertising placements as well as revenue opportunities to tap their full potential.

Let us help you get started

Contact us to get a demo or if you have any questions about AdOpt. You can find the contact info below.


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