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What is automated media buying?

Media buying refers to the process of identifying and purchasing ad space on channels that are relevant to your target audience, at the optimal time, for the least amount of money. It’s a very resource intensive process where significant work hours will be spent on repetitive processes, while many key decisions that need to be made require extensive research and understanding of the researched behaviours. 

Automated media buying, or programmatic media buying, is the process of using automated technology to buy advertising space, as opposed to traditional (manual) methods of digital advertising. Automated media buying utilizes data insight and algorithms to buy adspace to serve ads to the right user, at the right time, and at the right price.

To understand what automated media buying is, you first need to get a grip of the terminology related to the process. 

Automated media buying terminology




The process of automated media buying

Automated media buying with Vidispine

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