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Automated media planning: Make use of the computers!_unsplash_vidispine

Automated media buying: Make use of the computers!

“Data and automation will transform, not kill, the craft of media planning” is the title of Clare Chapmans guest article in the Campaign, where she discusses why machines will not replace human media planners and buyers, rather empower them. She points to the fact that automated media buying and planning through software is rather a tool allowing the media buyers and planners to focus their energy on things that machines can’t: ”applying knowledge of the changing media landscape and interpreting often irrational human thought processes to craft successful strategies.”.

While computers can perform complex calculations based on historical data to predict future outcomes with high precision, what they can’t do is imagine scenarios that have never existed. Automated media buying software will be able to carry a heavy load of the media buying process, removing monotonous tasks, inefficiencies, and inaccuracies.

Benefits of automated media buying

Where the use of data and automation truly shines is the next step after media planning, namely media buying. Regardless if we’re talking about websites or linear TV, automated media buying has come to completely revolutionize the way to buy ad space. The three essentials to profit from automated media buying are Automatisation, Optimisation, and Customer Satisfaction. 

Down below are our picks of the most important benefits. Read the complete list of benefits from utilizing automated media buying software here.

  • Media buying is a resource-intensive process where significant work hours are spent on repetitive manual tasks, while many key decisions require extensive research and a good understanding of market behaviors. These repetitive, simple tasks are best shifted towards automated processes. Not only because it frees up the hands of your staff, but also because it removes the aspect of the human factor. 

    As a result, the media buying workflow becomes streamlined, eliminating errors and speeding up the process considerably.

  • Automated media buying software not only frees up a lot of resources and speeds up the workflow, but it also optimizes the process in terms of quality. Utilizing the rule-based automated media buying software allows for the modeling of different ad-buying scenarios where you can freely pick and choose the one best fit for your needs. It simulates multiple different scenarios based on the attribute input, thus, giving you better visibility to make better business decisions and explore new business models and opportunities. 

  • Customer satisfaction is especially important for ad agencies seeing as they are stuck between the advertiser and the TV broadcaster. Automated media buying provides benefits on several fronts including:

    • Reaching KPIs faster
    • Reaching objectives at a lower cost
    • Securing the best spot placements
    • Enabling rapid handling of ad hoc requests
    • Increased agility and faster reaction times

The Three Most Important Rules of Media Buying

The three most important rules of media buying are:

  1. Using the right media
  2. Running the ad at the right time
  3. Targeting the right audience

Losing sight of these principle rules often has a detrimental effect on your advertising ROI as well as your company as a whole. Armed with a massive ad budget, it’s easy for executives to make the lazy decision to just blast their ads at every opportunity with little to no regard for costs and performance. While the mentality of “Show the ads in as many places as possible and it will be seen!” is not wrong, it is wasteful. 

So, how is this related to automated media buying? Well, there is a lot of money to be saved here. The “lazy decision” is made often a result of either lack of effort or lack of knowledge. Both of which are issues that can be addressed by utilizing automated media buying software. 

Try the Vidispine media buying automation and optimization solution and streamline your media buying process today. Fast. Easy. Automated. Smart.

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