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Automated media planning: Make use of the computers!_unsplash_vidispine

Automated media buying: Make use of the computers!

“Data and automation will transform, not kill, the craft of media planning” is the title of Clare Chapmans guest article in the Campaign, where she discusses why machines will not replace human media planners and buyers. She points to the fact that automated media buying and planning through software is rather a tool allowing the media buyers and planners to focus their energy on things that machines can’t : ”applying knowledge of the changing media landscape and interpreting often irrational human thought processes to craft successful strategies.”.

While computers can perform complex calculations based on historical data to predict future outcomes with high precision, what they can’t do is imagine scenarios that have never existed. Automated media buying software will be able to carry a heavy load of the media buying process, removing monotonous tasks, inefficiencies and inaccuracies, as well as allowing us to “model” the result of changing various variables, thus, enabling us to explore the potential of new business models without the risk of “trial and error”.

Benefits of automated media planning

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