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Media Buying and Optimization Engine

Optimizing spot placement and media campaigns with AdAgent 

Auto-generate media buy sheets and optimize spot placements and media campaigns

Manage complex requirements from both the advertiser and TV broadcaster. Fast. Automated. Smart.

At the heart of AdAgent is our media buying automation and optimization engine that provides a continuously optimized spot booking schedule, and maximizes your return by increasing efficiency and yield and eliminating resource-intensive repetitive manual tasks. Our fully integrated solution can push boundaries for accelerating your business and exploring new business models. 

Your benefits

Sales Growth

AdAgent ensures you optimize your yield by increasing target efficiency or reducing cost per GRP


Speed up time-to-market with automatic spot placement 


Improve customer satisfaction with precise targeting and fast on-point scenarios


Control our powerful rule engine with over 100 predefined rules to fit your requirements

Let us help you get started

Contact us to get a demo or if you have any questions about AdAgent. You can find the contact info below.

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