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Advertising & Monetization Applications by Vidispine

Read more about Vidispine's award-winning applications for content owners & TV broadcasters, such as programmatic advertising & cross-platform ad sales.

Get the Maximum Value Out of Your Market and Inventory

If you’re a commercial content owner or TV broadcaster you’ll know that the rumours of the death of linear television have been greatly exaggerated. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t new opportunities to be found in TV advertising or ways to improve efficiency and increase yield.

At Vidispine, our award-winning applications are at cutting edge of TV advertising, enabling solutions such as programmatic advertising for linear TV, AI-driven automated rating predictions and cross-platform ad sales.

AdOpt - Ad Placement & Revenue Optimization

AdOpt is an AI powered TV ad server for linear inventory, designed to optimize advertising inventory and spot placement.

AdStore - Cross Platform Order Management

Advertisers use multiple channels to reach their target audiences. Arvato Systems' AdStore unifies content monetization from any platform together into a shared solution.

AdAgent - Media Buying and Optimization Engine

With AdAgent, advertisers & TV broadcasters can auto-generate media buy sheets & optimize spot placements & media campaigns

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