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Workflow Management & Orchestration

The information about the information – it all starts here

Two of the key factors in building modern solutions for managing media and the media supply chain are increasing efficiency wherever possible and being able to rapidly adapt to changing demands.  

In the past, automation of media workflows was often relatively “fixed” in what it did, with assumptions about the media being “hard wired” and any logic being in the design of the system, rather than the execution. This leads to two problems when looking adapting to change and increasing efficiency – first, any change in a system probably requires involvement from the system vendor or developer and second, those changes need to be made for every single variable. 

With now common analysis tools and AI, our ability to analyze media and generate metadata that can then dynamically drive rules-based decision engines, means that with this information we can simplify system configuration.

A Standardized Approach for workflow orchestrations

Our solutions for workflow orchestration utilize well known IT standards. The result of this is that systems can be configured and reconfigured with little or no specialist system knowledge and that staff have a highly transferrable skill set.  

For configuring, executing and monitoring workflows, BPMN, Business Process Model & Notation, provides an ideal framework that defines both a clear visual representation of workflows and a machine readable notation that be easily imported/exported/interchanged. Published by OMG, the Object Modelling Group, BPMN is applied in tools across many industries and is easy to learn. DMN, Decision Model & Notation supports BPMN by enabling the automation to make rules-based decision at run time.  

Orchestrating and managing workflows requires integration to media services. At Vidispine, we believe in taking the “best of breed” approach to media solutions and giving our customers a choice of technology partners. Our solutions are tightly integrated with our own and also a broad range of 3rd party services via APIs to maximize functionality and, in turn, value. With VidiNet, these services can be rapidly and dynamically scaled out as demand dictates. 

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Our solutions for Workflow Management & Orchestration

VidiFlow - Workflow Orchestration

VidiFlow enables you to orchestrate and automate your media workflows.

VidiNet - your media service platform

VidiNet is a cloud-based platform at the heart of the content ecosystem. The foundation for a broad range of applications and services, VidiNet provides a robust footing for the complete content chain.


A cutting-edge media management back-end that forms the foundation for your media infrastructure.


A transcoder that adapts to every unique requirement.

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