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Media Archive Management

Managing Media Archives

The perception of a digital archive is at its simplest form based on folder names and media names, but with the introduction of MAM systems, we realized we could tag and manage our media with much, much more granularity. 

Media archives tend to change and grow rapidly over time, and so does the market. And when the market changes, we see changes in existing business models. 

Why you need media archive software

Most news channels, for example, have already extended their business model to include video and audio. Being able to find content related to an event and a person or a subject at a short notice becomes an example of a new technical requirement to feed and expand the existing business model where more and faster-published media becomes a key competitive factor. 

A content provider can provide a new channel automatically by accessing extensive media archive metadata information describing program content in periods – matching this information with viewer behaviour. 

We are, of course, also familiar with various already existing recommendation engines on what series to watch or what music to listen to from various popular VOD providers and audio streaming providers. 

It's easy to see how in-depth knowledge of your media archive management becomes more and more critical for both your business model and your ROI. 

Choosing the right media archive software

Not all media archive software is created equal. They all have their varying degree of interoperability, scalability, and flexibility depending on what your business needs. Choosing between media archive software includes a few key considerations. 

Make sure the media archive system has a robust API so other systems can easily talk to it when needed. Equally important when it comes to media archive management, the scalability of the media archive system.

For a media archive management solution that fits the criteria above, look no further than Vidispine. An easy to use, completely scalable, safe and affordable solution with both simple and advanced functionalities to organize, archive, and manage all your media assets.

The content ecosystem and the media archive management

The Vidispine content ecosystem forms a community where customers and partners can integrate with all the Vidispine platforms, applications, and services. As a customer or a partner of the content ecosystem you will gain access to important services and applications for your media archive management using the VidiFlow workflow orchestration application as part of the cloud-native media services platform VidiNet. 

VidiCore is the central media management “back-end” service offered through VidiNet.  VidiCore, together with VidiCoder, the Vidispine transcoder, allows for advanced media and metadata transformation and automation in your media supply chain and media archive. 

AI-driven services for analyzing speech to text and image objects will also greatly enhance the knowledge of the inside of your media archive system and allow for detailed access to metadata information based on periods of media. 

The Vidispine ecosystem gives you access to both the necessary in-depth knowledge of your media contents as well as user behaviours while at the same time providing a flexible infrastructure for your media archive software, allowing for adding new channels and scalability. This makes the Vidispine Ecosystem the perfect community and resource for any media archive management.

Managing media anywhere

At Vidispine, we have a long tradition of working closely with our customers to understand how metadata and media requirements change as the market landscape changes.
This is why we believe in a cloud-first architecture in coexistence with any on-premise environment to rapidly be able to scale up or down depending on current needs and requirements. Yes, we are a hybrid solution if you need us to be.
The result is a MAM system with media archive management that is entirely independent of the actual storage location enabling an in-depth metadata control of the complete media management system, including partial restore and redundancy, file security, and remote access.
Yes, as we said in the beginning – know your archive. Because content is king.

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Our solutions for Media Archive Management


A cutting-edge media management back-end that forms the foundation for your media infrastructure.


A transcoder that adapts to every unique requirement.

VidiFlow - Workflow Orchestration

VidiFlow enables you to orchestrate and automate your media workflows.

VidiNet - your media service platform

VidiNet is a cloud-based platform at the heart of the content ecosystem. The foundation for a broad range of applications and services, VidiNet provides a robust footing for the complete content chain.

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