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Enterprise Media Management

Your media and your market evolution

Enterprise media management today faces very different challenges, and, at the same time, many new opportunities compared to the past.  From a relatively small number of linear broadcast channels, we now have multiple channels to consider. In addition to traditional OTA (over the air) channels, we now have OTT, both linear and on demand, as well as a number of other video platforms through which we can distribute content – not to mention an ever increasing number of devices on which video can be consumed. With each channel and end user device, we not only have to consider a multitude of different technical standards (which audio and video compression and packing formats to use) but other technical aspects (e.g. vertical vs. horizontal video), structural (audio tracks, captions, audio description) and editorial – do we create different edits for different platforms.

Your audience – your opportunity

With consumer demands evolving so quickly, the opportunity of reaching a large audience at any given time and any platform also presents the challenge of adapting the configuration and scaling the performance of your system rapidly.

And when we say rapidly - we do mean rapidly.

A sudden peak in the number of viewers can easily reach several additional hundred thousand viewers from one minute to another. Depending on the type of market request, a news channel or sports channel might also need to add one or more channels to the platform from one day to another.

Being able to quickly add one or several new channels, while preserving the user experience by scaling up (and down) capacity means an improved return of investment (ROI) in the long run.

Vidispine and the content ecosystem

As a partner and customer of the new Content ecosystem, you will have access to VidiNet, our cloud-native media service platform where all our API first applications and services as well as 3:rd party services, are available making the Content ecosystem the most tightly integrated MAM system on the market.

The general cloud-first architecture behind the platform, services, and applications in our Content Ecosystem removes much if the standard media-specific knowledge traditionally needed to support an enterprise media management solution in favor of more standard IT practices to maintain the enterprise media management system.

By confirming all metadata models to a single internal advanced, scalable metadata model, you as a customer now only need to integrate into a single API – the VidiCore API. The Content ecosystem lets you focus on the creative - and business side of your media supply chain and platform. At Vidispine we believe that a user interface needs to be unique for each customer or partner's environment.

In the Content ecosystem, we add very powerful tools to design your unique user interface (UI) for every specific customer production point and scenario. This way, you, as a customer, are free to enable any part of our architecture in a UI that works for your user in your digital media supply chain.

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Our solutions for Enterprise Media Management


A cutting-edge media management back-end that forms the foundation for your media infrastructure.


A transcoder that adapts to every unique requirement.

VidiFlow - Workflow Orchestration

VidiFlow enables you to orchestrate and automate your media workflows.

VidiNet - your media service platform

VidiNet is a cloud-based platform at the heart of the content ecosystem. The foundation for a broad range of applications and services, VidiNet provides a robust footing for the complete content chain.

VidiEditor - Browser based video production solution

VidiEditor - video editor in a standard web browser that is fast and easy to use for users at all levels.

VidiNet Cognitive Services

Learn the definition of cognitive services API and how VidiCore can evolve your business model with machine learning.

MediaPortal - Browser based media search and management

Search, find, collect, share and manage media within your repository in a single, intuitive user interface with MediaPortal.

EditMate - Professional project management for editing projects

EditMate is the solution for managing Premiere Pro projects and the related media files for seamless collaboration in production environments.

MediaIngest - Advanced Ingest Control & Content Origination

MediaIngest orchestrates the complete process of ingesting and normalising incoming material to the organization's video, audio, and metadata standards.

Your Contacts for Enterprise Media Management

Kurt Krinke
Expert for Broadcast Solutions - North America
Dirk Steinmeyer
Expert for Broadcast Solutions - Europe & MEA
Peter BC
Peter Booth-Clibborn
Sales Manager - Worldwide with focus on UK