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Cross-Platform Advertising

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Advertising media expanded to new markets and continues to grow. TV, print, and radio still reach a valuable audience, but digital captures larger and more specific target. Traditional broadcasters must deliver on multiple distribution platforms, including video on demand, online, and mobile media. In order to compete, advertisers must pinpoint audience targets, and to them the content and placement of the advertising is as critical as the distribution platform.

With our cross-platform advertising solution you can now offer your clients uniquely customized campaigns with a wide range of content and placement across all delivery platforms. As your needs and your customers demand change, you can adapt to new market trends by expanding with additional platforms and channels.

To help increase both your own revenue and your customers’ success, our solutions enable upselling with additional media to existing customers or bundling different, cross-platform media together into either predefined or ad hoc packages. This allows your customer to get the audience targeting they need from a wider, higher quality exposure. With objective-based booking, your customers can also optimize performance by shifting budgets between platforms.

Consequently, the unified billing process not only presents your customer with one, comprehensive and detailed invoice, but also enables cross-platform discounts or corrections if needed.

We work with the most popular VOD and display ad servers and provide connections to our automated linear TV server and our programmatic TV server, too. In addition, our solution can integrate either side-by-side or on top of your existing digital ad sales tool to unify online and other ad sales tools into a single application. With this, you can unify all commercial inventory into a single access point and a single process for cross-media sales.

Our solutions for cross-platform advertising

AdStore - Cross Platform Order Management

Advertisers use multiple channels to reach their target audiences. Arvato Systems' AdStore unifies content monetization from any platform together into a shared solution.

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Your Contacts for Cross-Platform Advertising

Kurt Krinke
Expert for Broadcast Solutions - North America
Peter BC
Peter Booth-Clibborn
Sales Manager - Worldwide with focus on UK
Dirk Steinmeyer
Expert for Broadcast Solutions - Europe & MEA