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Content Scheduling & Rights Management

Cross-platform media planning and rights management

It is common knowledge that the future forces us to improve, be faster and more efficient. This is true for the media industry as well as for any other industry sector.  Bringing content to people is all about managing and planning the use of rights across different distribution platforms.  

How everyone of us consumes video content innovates constantly and that leads to further challenges with regard to broadcast planning in linear TV as well as in on-demand.  

The new paradigm of content-driven broadcasting goes beyond the capabilities of traditional, linear television media solutions: Premium content – special events, sports, shows, and more – comes with restrictions for distribution platforms, formats, and even language and geographies. At the same time as media companies must handle premium, highly profitable content with special focus, they also have to manage other content with efficient and automated processes. Content acquisition requires significant investments and to generate value form these assets is essential. The complex dependencies between linear and non-linear publishing, with multi-platform restrictions, make it difficult to leverage the rights data. In order to execute end-to-end processes efficiently, even automatically, information must be shared in real-time. At the same time, new requirements and changing business models demand flexibility and adaptability.

At every time you need to know what rights you have and how you plan to use them, and how they were used.

  • This allows to optimize the exploitation of rights to your benefit, and to sell the rights that you do not need.
  • For this you need an innovative rights management software that is capable to cover rights in and rights out; a rights management that has a future proof rights model, and that has a seamless integration with multi outlet scheduling.
  • Agility, innovation, integration and automation is our key to the success of our customers.

Our solution cannot magic away the complexity of cross-platform scheduling and multi-dimensional rights, but it supports our customers in mastering their integrated business processes. Avatega provides a unique unified modular system to manage both cross platform intellectual property, third party rights, planning and placing for linear and non linear services.

It checks automatically for rights and availability of programs and supports the use of templates and automation rules for catch-up scheduling.

Our solutions for content scheduling & rights management

Avatega - Planning & Rights Management

Avatega is an efficient and highly integrated system for managing contractual and intellectual property (IP) rights, and content schedules. Avatega enables users to maximize the value of their IP assets.

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