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Content Preparation and Distribution

Prepare to prepare your content for distribution

The last production point in the digital media supply chain describes the preparation of the media for distribution. Traditionally, this would mean producing a media master file for a broadcast server with the associated metadata for linear delivery. But because of the market evolution and new user behaviors such as mobility and geographic location, second-screen viewing, – a new distribution technology has been introduced.  This new distribution technology capable of adapting to the available user bandwidth and meeting new industry requirements such as Server Side Ad insertion ( SSAI)  /Client Side Ad Insertion (CSAI), Compliance, Quality of Experience (QoE) analysis is referred to - Over The Top (OTT) distribution.

The OTT distribution architecture, today mainly including the Apple HLS, and the non-vendor specific DASH format, is designed to address the above requirements and more for both Video On Demand VOD and streaming platforms.

Preparation – what we do

VidiFlow orchestrates the workflows necessary to prepare content, including QC, transcode and manual tasks. VidiFlow also manages the VidiCoder, VidiStream, or any of our 3:rd party services like Bitmovin to create the necessary profiles and store them in a MPEG-DASH or HLS package for OTT distribution, and/or typical playout formats.

By using the VidiNet platform available in the Content ecosystem, you now have access to a high-performance and scalable platform to build a cloud-first content preparation and distribution service that can integrate with your on-premise servers using our VidiCore Server Agent (VSA).

The MediaPortal provides a central hub not only for access to diverse sources, but also for the functionality to collect, curate and share this content within one search logic and an intuitive design. It also supports the next steps in the media workflow by incorporating advanced video & metadata tools for browsing, editing or logging of material across multiple locations.  

The transcoding of the source content to different profiles is a process to address the presumed and available bandwidth of the user. These OTT profiles are also used by VOD and Streaming providers targeting your Chromecast, Apple TV or Smart TV.

Some of the different standards, such as 4K, 2K, HLS, DASH and IMF might also be subject rights management, something that also is controlled and labeled in the content preparation process.

The new AI and machine learning technology in the Vidispine Cognitive services will also allow for high light detection to automatically generate content during a sports event for viewers “on second screen”.

Building an application or a unique media management system requires tools to design a corresponding unique user interface (UI) for manual interaction.

The VidiCore Development Kit (VDT), part of the Content ecosystem, is our UI design toolkit and shortens your development time when building applications on top of the VidiCore API. It is the same set of tools and components we use in-house at Vidispine, available for everyone building on the VidiNet platform.

This way, you, as a customer, are free to enable any part of our architecture in a UI that works for your user in your digital media supply chain.

Vidispine today offers a complete media management ecosystem with the necessary components, services and applications to build and design you own media supply chain all the way up to complete turn-key systems.

All of the above preparation and distribution models are found in the Content Ecosystem.

Our solutions for content preparation and distribution


A cutting-edge media management back-end that forms the foundation for your media infrastructure.


A transcoder that adapts to every unique requirement.

VidiFlow - Workflow Orchestration

VidiFlow enables you to orchestrate and automate your media workflows.

VidiNet - your media service platform

VidiNet is a cloud-based platform at the heart of the content ecosystem. The foundation for a broad range of applications and services, VidiNet provides a robust footing for the complete content chain.

VidiEditor - Browser based video production solution

VidiEditor - video editor in a standard web browser that is fast and easy to use for users at all levels.

VidiNet Cognitive Services

Learn the definition of cognitive services API and how VidiCore can evolve your business model with machine learning.

MediaPortal - Browser based media search and management

Search, find, collect, share and manage media within your repository in a single, intuitive user interface with MediaPortal.

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