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Automated Spot Placement & Fulfillment

How sophisticated algorithms improve your quality

Commercials continue to be a major source of revenue for many TV broadcasters. Despite growing competition in a disruptive media market, linear television dominates advertising expenditure. However, to attract advertisers, the offered sales models of broadcasters are becoming more sophisticated.

Reach is no longer the only relevant marketing figure. It is now necessary to factor in a range of booking preferences, placement rules, and specific individual objectives in order to pin down the audience of an advertising campaign. Inventory and revenue management are essential in order to generate added value and maximize revenue for the supplier.

With our flexible and highly configurable spot placement optimization engine the process itself becomes rule-based and largely automated. Customer´s goals, advertising guidelines and your own business objectives are taken into account simultaneously while distributing the ad placements in the available inventory. Whatever your business is, if you sell GRPs, specific placements, number of spots, impressions, offer defined shares across multi channels, flight periods, day parts, programs or spot lengths or want to include reach and frequency to your linear sales models, our solution improves the delivery quality significantly.

It covers up front booking, nightly batch, inventory fill out, proposal generation and a lot more business scenarios. Challenge us with your specific setting – our solution can maximize your quality and with this your revenue.

Our solutions for automated spot placement & fulfillment

AdOpt - Ad Placement & Revenue Optimization

AdOpt is an AI powered TV ad server for linear inventory, designed to optimize advertising inventory and spot placement.

AdStore - Cross Platform Order Management

Advertisers use multiple channels to reach their target audiences. Arvato Systems' AdStore unifies content monetization from any platform together into a shared solution.

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Expert for Broadcast Solutions - North America
Peter BC
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Sales Manager - Worldwide with focus on UK
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Expert for Broadcast Solutions - Europe & MEA