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Audience Forecasting & Analysis

The new precision of rating forecast

Ratings forecasts are critical for broadcasters in defining their prices and sales models, models that are becoming increasingly complex as broadcasters look to offer cross platform campaigns to compete with newcomers disrupting the market. Advertisers want to know how and when they will hit their target (GRPs or impressions). Broadcasters want to know that they can deliver on their contracts but also without massively over delivering and losing potential revenue. At the same time, the accurate prediction of ratings, for a human, takes years of experience and practice and proves a significant succession planning challenge for broadcasters.

Using artificial intelligence to analyse historical data and viewing trends, we can now achieve highly accurate ratings forecasts for upcoming schedules.

A large number of factors affect ratings and the relative importance of these factors varies significant between peak and off-peak viewing. Our expertise in exploiting the influencing factors and our team of AI specialists, that are continuously improving the AI algorithms lead us to the break through. Compared to human prediction, we are not only providing more accurate forecasts, we are able to do so faster and to frequently repeat forecasts as critical external factors change.  

And we are going even further: Our AI powered rating prediction combined with powerful optimization results in more accurate placement of commercials and increasing revenue through the improved delivery of KPIs.

Our solution for audience forcasting & analysis

AdOpt - Ad Placement & Revenue Optimization

AdOpt is an AI powered TV ad server for linear inventory, designed to optimize advertising inventory and spot placement.


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