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Automated Media Buying

Optimizing media campaigns & spot placement

Despite growing competition in a disruptive media market, linear television continues to offer high ROI for advertisers and dominates advertising expenditure. With increasing amounts of data about who is watching what and when, technology offers us the opportunity to boost the performance of ad campaigns and increase profitability.

Our solutions enable agencies to auto-generate media buy sheets and optimize spot placements and media campaigns, managing complex requirements from both the advertiser and TV broadcaster.

Our media buying automation and optimization engine provides a continuously optimized spot booking schedule, and maximizes return by increasing efficiency and yield and eliminating resource-intensive repetitive manual tasks. Our fully integrated solution can push boundaries for accelerating business and exploring new business models.

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With AdAgent, advertisers & TV broadcasters can auto-generate media buy sheets & optimize spot placements & media campaigns

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Vidispine team
The Vidispine Team
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