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Automating Media Buying

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The challenge

Despite increasing competition from a diversified media market and increasingly powerful social channels, linear television retains its power to offer high ROI for advertisers and the brand-safe medium still dominates advertising budgets. The pivot towards digital advertising, however, has highlighted many of the shortfalls in the process and ways in which it has failed to maximize its use of current technology.

Barriers to agility

Media buying is a resource intensive process. Significant work hours are lost on repetitive processes that needlessly tie up employees’ time, while many of the key decisions that need to be made regarding deployments also require extensive research and understanding of market behaviors. Even the best analysts can provide an incomplete picture in an increasingly fragmented media landscape, while imperfect sharing of information between advertiser, buyer, and TV broadcaster, as well as human error, can also lead to missed opportunities for maximizing revenue.

What is required is Automated Media Buying. What is required is AdAgent.

Download Whitepaper: The 3 essentials to profit from automated TV buying
Download Whitepaper

The 3 essentials to profit from automated TV buying

AdAgent innovations

The AdAgent media buying automation and optimization engine enables agencies to manage the increasingly complex requirements of both the advertiser and the TV broadcaster in one package.

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What can a solution for automated media buying do for you?

Born from decades of experience in TV advertising, our solution measureably increases the profitability of media buying agencies for every advertiser using TV spots.

Our solution AdAgent provides automation, visibility and optimization - the pillars to successfully managing your media buys and adding value to your advertisers by reaching objectives faster, more efficiently and in higher quality than any other product on the market.

We strengthen your competencies as technology experts who are able to make decisions better and faster through software and data driven analytics combined with the power of TV reach.


  • Automate processes while still staying in full control through a highly configurable rules engine.
  • Increase efficiency with cutting edge technology.
  • Scale your business
  • Speed up time-to-market.
  • Optimize media buys and increase your profitability by at least 2%.
  • Simulate different scenarios and gain visibility to make business decisions and explore new business models.
Customer Satisfaction
  • Improve customer satisfaction by reaching objectives faster, better and leaner.
  • Secure the best spot placements to satisfy your advertisers.
  • Handle customer requests even if they come in unstructured formats.

The AdAgent advantage

With AdAgent at it’s core, this fully integrated solution works frictionlessly from the start. It boosts productivity and enables organisations to push the boundaries for accelerating business development and exploring new business models. It provides the following advantages:

Increase sales, increase revenue

AdAgent continually analyses performance to ensure you optimize your profitability by increasing target efficiency or reducing cost per GRP.

Manage increasing complexity

By auto-generating media buy sheets and optimizing spot placements and media campaigns, AdAgent makes your organization more efficient and productive.

Accelerate Time to Market

Automatic spot placement helps brands to launch campaigns faster and more efficiently than ever before and get their messaging across to the right viewers at the right time.

Improve business agility

AdAgent works right out of the box and features a powerful, easy to use rule engine with over 100 predefined rules to fit your evolving business requirements.

Q & A 's around AdAgent

  • AdAgent is an automatic buying sheet generator and optimization engine. It simulates and evaluates different buying scenarios, based on all available parameters, rules and constraints.

    AdAgent receives the following main parameters:

    - Campaign objectives of the advertiser
    - Inventory and ratecard of the TV broadcaster
    - Placement preferences
    - Legal and corporate constraints and compliance guidelines
    - Target objectives of the media agency

    It then generates fully automated buying scenarios, optimized against your KPIs, and creates a result that includes concrete spot placements. The result is visualized in a real-time KPI dashboard so you have full visibility of the overall picture, as well as the concrete generated spotlist.

    The generated media buy sheet can be sent directly to the broadcaster or media sales house in a predefined format which can be EDI, XML or simply via email.

    During the execution of a campaign, AdAgent continuously optimizes the campaign as any parameters are added or changed, for example responding to program changes, rate- or rating changes, post ratings, etc. This optimization is done fully automatically as soon as the updated data is available

  • It’s fast! As proved by various benchmarks with existing clients and prospects, AdAgent can execute processes in minutes which formerly took hours, if not days. Given this capability, users can also run various scenarios in a simulation mode in order to optimize the results to the highest possible extent.

  • AdAgent generates immediate ROI and usually pays for itself in three ways. For example, if AdAgent simply helps to avoid to place a one or two compensations spot in a close-to-primetime event, the monthly rental cost of the product should already be covered. Additionally, the system will help reduce your net cost per GRP and/or CPM, resulting in impressive savings. The system will also drastically reduce manual work and achieves a  frictionless process. In each of these three individual examples, the product has already paid for itself, with the likelihood of greater savings being achieved in continous  operation. Please contact us for more details on how AdAgent could work in your particular environment. We are also happy to provide you with a concrete offering.

  • “The optimization is fully automatic. Usually it is not necessary to make manual adjustments during campaign execution. The engine automatically optimizes the spot placements after changes — such as program changes, ratings etc — based on your targets (e.g. keep GRP target, improve cost per GRP/CPT, Improve placement efficiency). KPI Dashboards give you a perfect visibility of your campaign performance. This means you stay in full control thanks to AdAgent’s highly configurable rules engine, while you also have the ability to make manual adjustments of the concrete spot bookings at any time, if needed.

  • Automated media buying enhances customer satisfaction on several fronts:

    1. By reaching objectives faster — Automated media buying ensures a faster, more efficient process that performs at a level typically beyond the reach of manual, ad hoc systems.
    2. By reaching objectives at lower costs — Fulfilling KPIs quicker also means less spot placements have to be booked, allowing cost savings on multiple levels, including spot placements and agency time.
    3. By enabling the handling of ad hoc customer requests — Customer requests can often arrive in unstructured formats. Automated media buying can handle these by imposing structure in the ingest process, aligning requests to established rules and parameters.
    4. By analyzing the market to secure the best spot placements. By decoupling placement analysis from the workings of intuition, automated media buying ensures that the most efficient spot placements are always sought and it is almost instantaneously responsive to evolving market behaviors.
    5. All in all it strengthens your competence as a trusted advisor to your customer.

  • AdAgent is a highly scalable, cloud-based solution. Therefore the services are instantly available. These services can also be connected to your inhouse system, e.g. a media planning tool, via our open API. While our recommendation is to use the system as a cloud service, AdAgent can also be installed on-prem. Concrete sizing requirements depend on the number of expected transactions. Please contact us to evaluate your particular requirements and we are happy to provide you with the corresponding HW-sizing.

  • AdAgent contains an open API and can be easily connected to any internal and external systems. It can service EDI interfaces to directly communicate with the TV broadcaster, for example to receive program schedules and inventory information, or to provide the broadcaster with your media buy sheets. It can also connect to rating agencies in order to receive post- and predicted ratings. Internally, the product can be connected to your media planning tool, CRM system, finance application, and certainly your reporting system and data warehouse for advanced analytics.

  • AdAgent perfectly fits into your organisation if the campaign objectives you receive from your advertiser contain information such as budget, flight period, station mix, target demographics, audience segment, target ratings, region/market, spot length, preferred timebands etc. And if the buy sheet you send to the TV-Broadcaster contains a concrete spot booking schedule.


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