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Adobe Project Management with Helmut

Top-of-the-line Adobe integration from MoovIT and Vidispine

Helmut is the most flexible solution for project, template and render queue management of Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Audition. We have integrated Helmut with our Vidispine product portfolio so that customers can benefit from the best of both solutions to optimize their workflows in combination with Adobe.

Arvato Systems is global reseller for Helmut – offering an integrated solution from a single source.

MoovIt workflow

Flexible Project Management

Helmut creates and manages Adobe editing projects for Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects or Adobe Audition, and makes them accessible in Vidispine's products. Both solutions automate routine processes like file format conversions, folder creation and many others so that users can focus on their creative work.

Powerful search and easy import

Forget about confusing folder structures. Within the Vidispine MediaPortal Plugin in Adobe you can use a powerful yet intuitive search to access all your media files and collections within the VidiCore repository

Adapts to your requirements

Helmuts Workflow builder called “Stream Engine” can adapt to basically any customer requirement as the whole business logic is configured in graphical streams.


The integration between VidiCore and Helmut is completely transparent – it feels like one solution. All changes are synced automatically between the system. Users always see the status of automated syncs and processes to have full transparency.

Reduce complexity without loosing flexibility

Products like Adobe Premiere offer a huge amount of great features and options to use it. Sometimes especially non-technical users might be overwhelmed with the number of options. Helmut allows customers to define user profiles to avoid manual errors and make the usage of these apps even more intuitive.

Use power of your clients

Execution of processes is possible both in the backend and on any Helmut client. In that way the solution scales as any client could be used e.g. for rendering.

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