We're hiring

Come and work with us. We love hard problems and algorithms. There is fun on the job involved as well!

We are looking for enthusiastic people with a passion for great products and a willingness to learn. Join us and change how the broadcast and media industry build its future systems. You get to work on tough problems with knowledgeable and creative co-workers. We are a fast-growing company and there will be plenty of opportunities to build a career with us.

Cloud Operations Engineer


You have a degree in Computer Engineering or Computer Science. You are an experienced dev-ops engineer, sysadmin or “cloud-admin” with good knowledge of AWS or Azure. You have a great interest in technical development and problem solving. It is of merit if you have previous experience with Jenkins and Jira or similar tools, as well as Vidispine Server, Rest API’s, troubleshooting or handling of video and image formats.

As a person you are a driven, creative problem solver who are happy to take lead to evolve technical solutions in the right direction. You are thorough and operate with a “think before you do”-mindset. As a team player you will quickly be adopted into the tight team at Vidispine. Furthermore, you thrive in a role where you are expected to pick up new technology quickly, which is also something that attracts you. You have very good knowledge of English.

AI developer


Since 2012, Vidispine has been integrating AI/ML services to its award-winning products for video management. Now we are taking the next step, by introducing the services in our Vidinet SaaS service. Your role is to implement metadata model and integration to AI services that can handle thousands of hours of video. You are probably used to write software that handles very large data volumes. At the same time, our customers cover several industries, so the services we provide should be intuitive and … self-learning. You will be part of a team in Umeå that will work on metadata, AI, ML, and cloud. Buzzwords, true, but the team are creating services that are for real!

Java developer to Customer Success team

Umeå or Stockholm/Kista

You have a Computer Engineering or Computer Science degree and might have one or two years of working experience either as a tester or software developer. At Vidispine you will be working with Java, Python/Django, REST API’s, and GIT to implement new features in and customer specific solutions using our software.

You are creative and driven and have a passion to help customers to create scalable and stable solutions using code. You are a team player who likes having responsibilities and someone who can take initiative. You can quickly pick up new technology and never get bored learning new things.

Java Backend Developer to our R&D

Umeå or Stockholm/Kista

...to help creating a world class media management system

You are a creative person that wants to drive the company and products that you are working on forward. You are driven and independent, and like taking on new challenges and learning new techniques and tools. You have experience with both backend and frontend web development, either as you have some years of work experience, or because you enjoy programming and do so already.

Frontend Developer/UI Designer


You have a loving passion for UX and frontend programming and probably a degree or some years of work experience within Interaction Design, Graphical Design or Frontend programming.

You are creative, driven and have a passion to create user interfaces, both as prototypes and in code which will fit our customer’s needs. You are a team player who likes having responsibilities and take initiatives. You can quickly pick up new technology and never get bored learning new things.

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