We're hiring

Come and work with us. We love hard problems and algorithms. There is fun on the job involved as well!

We are looking for enthusiastic people with a passion for great products and a willingness to learn. Join us and change how the broadcast and media industry build their future systems. You get to work on tough problems with knowledgeable and creative co-workers. We’re a fast-growing company and there will be plenty of opportunities to build a career with us.

Software Development

Test Leader

As a test leader at Vidispine, your primary responsibilities are to create and implement a QA framework for Vidispine’s core products, as well as hands-on testing on all levels. We believe you will try to automate everything that possibly can be automated but never shy away from doing manual testing when that is the better choice. Come work with us, educate us on QA methodology and grow with us.

Full-Stack Developer

As a full-stack developer in the R&D team, your main responsibilities is to improve and add new functionality to Vidispine Server, or media management API, and VidiXplore, our media management software as a service. We’ll be relying on you to do work in the front-end using Python and Javascript, and in the backend using Java. Your reward? You’ll know our products in and out!

Software Developer

As a developer in the Customer Success team you will spend your time making customizations in all parts of the Vidispine software, from front-end to back-end, in close cooperation with customers and the rest of the team. Depending on your skillset and part of the stack you’ll use Java, Javascript, Python and C/C++.

Frontend Developer and UI Designer

As a front-end developer and UI designer in the customer success team, your time will be spent creating adaptations to our existing products in close cooperation with customers and the rest of the team. The reward is that you will know our customers better than they do.

Technical Project Manager

As a Technical Project Manager, you will be responsible for some of our key customer projects which includes leading our agile team of developers and designers to create the best possible solution for the customer, act as a Scrum Master or Test Leader when necessary, and handle all project planning.

Cloud Admin / AWS Developer

As a member of our customer support team, you will manage our AWS-based managed services portfolio, providing Vidispine software and services to a rapidly growing global customer base. You will also serve and support our global network of development partners building complex Vidispine-based solutions in the cloud. You will work with Vidispine software for large-scale systems for video and image management/processing, running on AWS, as well as REST APIs, SQL, Java and Ubuntu.

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