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Media processing with Vidispine API & Vidinet

Learn about Media Processing with Vidispine API and Vidinet in our upcoming webinar series. The series will consist of three educative webinars covering everything from video QC for cloud-based media, AWS Elemental MediaConvert, to IMF (Interoperable Master Format).

AWS Insights Online Conference

We are pleased to participate in the AWS Insights Online Conference on November 15. Register now to attend and learn about video trends & fundamentals in content production, media supply chain, content distribution & video technology. Be sure to visit us in the virtual expo hall.

Join us at NAB Show New York 2018

Tomorrow’s media supply chain will not look like yesterday’s, or even today’s. Any company wanting to compete in a rapidly changing media landscape must be able to adapt to the evolving environment, both from a technology and a business point-of-view. Use the Vidinet media service platform together with the Vidispine API, as a base on which to build flexible media supply chains with cost control in every step.

Meet us at NAB Show New York to learn more about our media supply chain approach. Sign up for a meeting here:


The third webinar and final webinar in this series cover the Vidispine Development Toolkit. Learn how to quickly get going with application development using the UI components that are a part of the toolkit. After this webinar, you should be able to build your own miniature media supply chain based on the Vidispine API. We can even promise that you will be able to build it in less than a day.


The second webinar covers the media services you can attach to the Vidispine API through Vidinet. Learn how to set the media services up, how they are used from Vidispine, and how the cost-aware API together with the straightforward pricing structure will help you keep control over costs.


The first webinar covered the basics of Vidinet, the problems we are solving with it, Vidinet administration, as well as how to use Vidispine API as a service on the Vidinet platform.

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