About us

The company

Vidispine aims to standardize media asset management, enabling organizations to focus on their business instead of technology.

Why We Are Who We Are

We founded Vidispine because we believe in software innovation and the power of rich media story-telling. Our background is 15 years of building software companies and changing the media industry. We are using the experience and insights from those years to build the best platform for creating innovative media software and solutions.

Video is eating the world. From entertainment to industry, video is found everywhere, and more people than ever create video content. The amount of video created every day put heavy demand on the underlying platforms, while the need to quickly turn your raw content into compelling stories is greater than ever. We believe that our software brings value to anyone building video applications or using video content.


The Vidispine philosophy is creating eco-systems of companies where everyone does what they do best. We are always looking for interesting partners like software companies, system integrators, independent consultants and anyone who has bright ideas, great software or extraordinary skills.

Work at Vidispine

We’re always on the lookout for talented people that can help us create the future of cloud-based video content management. Contact us directly at jobs@vidispine.com or sign-up to get open positions straight to your inbox.