Your Media Supply Chain Journey Starts Here

By Vidispine - May 3, 2018 (Last updated: October 7, 2019)

It has never been easier to get started with Vidispine API in the cloud. We are proud to present the latest addition to the Vidinet platform – Vidispine API Starter Edition. It is the same full-featured API; now managed by the Vidispine operations team and running on AWS infrastructure. Launch your Vidispine API instance at any time, decommission it when finished, and pay per day of use. 

Vidispine API as-a-Service Starter Edition

Vidispine API Starter Edition is the perfect choice for smaller media supply chain projects, as well as development projects, proofs-of-concept, testing new API features and explorative activities. This edition also includes a web-based sample service built with the new Vidispine Development Toolkit.

The price for the Starter Edition is $49/day. We want to make sure you get time to try it out and will add $300 worth of trial credits to your account on sign up, enough for a few days of running the API and testing the media services.