Vidispine Server 4.12 Released With Improved IMF Support

By Vidispine - January 19, 2018

We have released Vidispine Server 4.12 with improved IMF support, ability to transcoding during import using a Vidinet transcoder and better monitoring capabilities.

4.12 release image

Vidispine Server 4.12 is released and is found in the Support Portal and in the official repo. Pending release confirmation it will soon be available on the AWS and Azure Marketplaces.

Import with Vidinet

Transcode and shape deduction on import can now be performed using a Vidinet transcoder. This is supported for normal imports as well as for auto-imports. Image transcodes are now also supported, see the Vidinet service documentation for more detail.

IMF improvements

We have improved the IMF package handling with partial imports that are matched with existing content and imports of assetmaps with multiple CPLs. On the export side, we now create up-to-date assetmaps, CPLs and PKLs, and you can select subsets of virtual tracks.

Better transcoder fine-tuning

The number of jobs that can be used by a specific transcoder can now be set using the maxJob setting, putting jobs in a waiting state, and restarting as soon as a qualified transcoder becomes available.

Additional metrics

To improve the monitoring capabilities, additional metrics exposing the online/offline status of storages, agents, and resources have been added, together with metrics exposing the size of the cluster when running a clustered deployment.

As always, the full details are in the API documentation release notes. Isak also wrote a blog post explaining the IMF improvements.