Vidispine Server 4.11 Now Released

By Vidispine - November 2, 2017 (Last updated: November 1, 2017)

We are proud to announce Vidispine Server 4.11 with numerous improvements and support for Vidinet. Download it from the support portal, the Vidispine repo, or spin it up directly at AWS Marketplace, then surprise us with fantastic creations. It will also be available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace within a few days.

Vidinet support

Vidispine Server 4.11 has support for Vidinet, Vidispine’s new media services platform. With Vidinet you can run cloud-based media services from any Vidispine installation using an API-call. From launch transcoding and advanced QC are supported, with more services coming in the near future. Use the Vidispine Server API to request cost estimates for running the Vidinet services on your assets.

Read more about Vidinet on our web page, register for a Vidinet account, and get started using the Vidispine primer blog post. During a limited period, you get $100 in trial credits in your Vidinet account.

Vidinet Overview


A few improvements are highlighted below.We have also improved the transcoder by adding support for selecting transcoder resource on transcode and shape analysis. Read about all changes and news in the Vidispine Server 4.11 release notes.

Concurrent checksum computation

Vidispine Server 4.11 supports concurrent checksum computation using multiple VSAs for increased performance.

S3 part size selection

The S3 upload part size is now automatically increased to better handle uploads of large files. Vidispine Server now supports files up to 3.5 TB without any further configuration.

Private key authentication for SFTP

Private key authentication support for SFTP on both storages and transfers.

Maintenance releases

As part of our regular maintenance schedule, we are happy to announce the 4.10.1, 4.9.2, 4.8.3 and 4.7.4 updates.

Download and documentation