Vidispine joins Arvato Systems

By Erik - November 10, 2017 (Last updated: December 11, 2017)

When we founded Vidispine 2009, we wanted to build a software platform to make it easier than ever before to build innovative, video-based, solutions. Now we join The Bertelsmann family as part of the Arvato Systems group and continue our path with a much stronger organization to back us up and partner with.

Dear Reader,

Big news today here on the blog. We, the two co-founders, made the decision to join the Bertelsmann family as part of the Arvato Systems group.

When we founded Vidispine 2009, we wanted to build a software platform to make it easier than ever before to build innovative, video-based, solutions. So far we’ve had great fun creating an outstandingly smart team, solving hard problems and working closely with many fantastic customers and partners but we’ve also been pushing the tech frontier in areas as Video APIs, Cloud, Metadata and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

A while back we felt “the ducks were lining up” in all the things we foresaw would be happening, and it is happening in a large scale.

Video has become the dominant story-telling medium, the power of APIs on software platforms reached a break-through and cloud is no longer an experiment. Even metadata is getting its well-deserved place as a value creator in any organization!

With all this happening, we need to prepare a structure to scale. Arvato Systems is the perfect home for us with industry know-how, global reach, financial capacity and more importantly the ambition to be a game-changer in the digital transformation all industries are going through now. This is exactly where we want to play a significant role.

Now we continue our path but with a much stronger organization to back us up and partner with, we will be in a far more robust position to put our strategy into effect!

Erik ( & Isak

Questions & Answers

Who are Arvato Systems?

Global IT specialist Arvato Systems supports major companies through digital transformation. More than 3,000 staff in over 25 locations epitomize in-depth technology expertise, industry knowledge and focus on customer requirements. Arvato Systems has enjoyed more than two decades of innovation and experience in providing software solutions to the media & entertainment industry that cover the complete value chain including Asset Management, Program & Rights Management, Content Monetization, and Digital Experience.

Who are Vidispine?

Since 2009, software developers and content owners have used the Vidispine API to solve their most complex challenges in building data-driven, cloud-based video content management solutions. With decades of combined industry experience and insight, our goal is to build the best platform for creating innovative media software and solutions.

Vidispine, why Arvato Systems and why now?

To extend our leadership in cloud platforms for the media & entertainment industry, now is the time to exploit the window in the market as the industry accelerates it’s shift to virtualized environments and software and platforms as a service. As part of Arvato Systems we will have access to the tools and resources to make our platform the defacto standard for any innovative media software.

Arvato Systems, why Vidispine and why now?

The solutions that Vidispine offers to the market today are highly complementary to the Arvato Systems portfolio. Looking to the future, both the technical and business strategies of the two companies are very closely aligned, and by combining our knowledge, experience and intellectual property we stand to create an environment that fosters innovation and expedites the development and delivery of products and services that bring real benefit to our customers. Together, we will also address new markets that are also facing the challenges presented by the explosion in video content.

Vidispine solutions could be considered competitive or equivalent to Arvato Systems’ VPMS. Will one replace the other.

In the context of the portfolio, we consider these solutions to be complimentary rather than competitive. As disclosed to customers and partners during, and since, the IBC Show, VPMS Platform will utilize the Vidispine repository and augment this with a BPMN workflow, existing rules engine and the 3rd party drivers and integrations to create a significantly different offering to the market – albeit based on the same principles of scalability and extensibility.

As an existing customer, what benefits can I expect to see?

By combining our experience, knowledge and technology, both Vidispine and Arvato Systems will be able to bring innovation and cutting edge solutions to market faster and without compromising quality.

Will Vidispine software be merged in to and marketed as Arvato Systems software?

Vidispine products and services, both currently available and those planned for the future, will continue to be brought to market by Vidispine.

When will we see combined solutions?

Around mid-2018 we will be deploying the first iterations of the integration of Vidispine technology into Arvato Systems solutions that began under our existing partnership earlier this year.

Who am I buying from now? Has my main contact changed?

All existing and planned Vidispine products and services will continue to be marketed by Vidispine, likewise for Arvato Systems.

Will there be any changes to service policies?

There are no plans to change any service level agreements or policies.

Will there be any changes to staffing?

There are no plans to change the recruitment and headcount plans in either organization as a result of the acquisition.

Will Vidispine stop supporting customers/partners who are considered competitive to Arvato Systems?

Vidispine is an independent platform and will continue to serve anyone who wants to use it. It is our shared goal to continue expanding the business that has underpinned the success and growth of Vidispine over almost a decade. With over two decades of experience in the media management market, Arvato Systems is also well aware that in many cases one may partner with another vendor as often as competing with them. Both Vidispine and Arvato Systems remain committed to customers and partners on both sides.

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