Vidispine Goes to NAB 2016 Better Than Ever

By Patrik - April 18, 2016 (Last updated: April 9, 2017)

We’re at NAB this week, with a bunch of demos and customer cases that are better than ever. Come and meet us in the AWS booth #SL9016, and talk to Erik, Isak and Per.

Vidispine at NAB-large

This year’s NAB will of course be amazing. We have number of cool demos lined up, and some very exciting customer cases to show you. Since last year we have released Vidispine 4.5, and are on good way into Vidispine 4.6 (keep an eye out for sneak previews). We have also released VidiXplore 1.0, our media content management system, with all the power of Vidispine behind a get-things-done user interface.

Since VidiXplore 1.0 we have of course continued to improve, and at NAB we are showcasing selective sync cabability and an improved activity monitor. We have also improved the search capabilities, both under the hood and with a new user experience. Just ask for a demo.

We were lucky to have some of our friends write guest blog posts about their NAB activities. Read about 1303 Systems and their CrucibleMAM, about Cantemo and their Portal 2.3, about Spectralogic and how to integrate BlackPearl with Vidispine, and finally about how Quantum Lattus fits perfectly with Vidispine.

If you want to learn more about what you can achieve with Vidispine we recommend you take a look at the AOL case study, to see what they did with Vidispine as a backend. We are also proud to present the ArenaPlay case, providing thousands of Gigabytes of Swedish soccer games packed with timecoded metadata to hundreds of professional users with high demands for rapid delivery of near-live soccer events. We are also looking forward to take a deeper look into Codemill’s new frame accurate HTML5 player, with Vidispine as a backend.

See you in Las Vegas, in AWS booth #SL9016.