Vidispine Goes to IBC

By Vidispine - August 18, 2017 (Last updated: February 13, 2020)

Here it goes! We’re attending IBC with a stand, superb demos and a couch for you to hang in. We have a new product launch Vidinet, and some great demos lined up for media workflow in the cloud pleasure. See you there.

We have attended IBC for many years, as visitors and guests in partner stands. This year we decided we want to have our own stand, inviting partners with us. IBC is closing in, and we want to tell you what’s going on in the booth. This blog post is an overview, and you can find the most up-to-date information on our IBC event page, where you also can sign up to meet us.

Vidinet launch event

We are launching Vidinet during IBC. Vidinet is our new media service smorgasbord, moving cloud and API from being a technical decision to a business decision. You will hear our CEO, Erik Åhlin, give his vision on the future of cloud based media workflows and learn how Vidinet fits into the new media landscape directly from the Vidinet product manager, Nils Lefring.

Meet the founders and the product managers

There will be plenty of time to meet with founders, product managers and developers of Vidispine products. See the demos, and get answers to the hard questions directly from the horse’s mouth. If you want to sit down with us, please book a meeting using the form on our IBC event page.

Vidispine partner demos

We are not alone; we are bringing partners as well. Codemill and NMR have pods in the stand and will be available all the time. We also have a demo pod shared by other partners. Keep an eye on the IBC page for updates on partners.

The couch

…and we have a couch to rest tired legs on, or just for hanging out discussing clouds, API and other important issues. While sitting down, make sure you read up on the guest posts published by our partners over the next few weeks, starting with Mediasmiths’ guest blog on cloud maturity. For more on the cloud and the media industry, read the guest post from Ericsson’s Paul Markham. Valossa contributed with their view on automatically generated metadata, and we have an insightful post looking beyond the buss words, on AI and the media business from Steve Sharman.

Almost forgot, we have a third draft of the stand ready. It is a beauty, and we have coat hangers! Keep your browser glued to our website and follow how the stand develops. At IBC you’ll find the stand at 3.A23. See you!

The booth with a couch