Vidispine 4.7 Now Out on AWS and Azure Marketplace

By Patrik - November 18, 2016 (Last updated: April 7, 2017)

We’re out with Vidispine 4.7 on the official repo, in the support portal together with the .NET SDK, and of course on AWS Marketplace and Azure Marketplace. There are of course new features, e.g., support for IMF, and a new and shiny command line tool. We are working hard to make your products better and life easier.

Hard work and dedication from our fine development team resulted in another marvellous version of Vidispine. We’re up to Vidispine 4.7, and we give you vsctl, the new command line interface, IMF import support, Google Cloud Storage and much more. You can download 4.7 from Vidispine’s official repo, in the support portal (login required) together with the .NET SDK, and spin it in seconds on AWS Marketplace and Azure Marketplace.

vsctl – the new command line interface

With Vidispine 4.7 you’ll get a new and improved command line interface called vsctl. vsctl can be used to inspect and control a running Vidispine server. It is targeted at operations and developers working with Vidispine. You can read more about vsctl in part 1 and part 2 of our vsctl sneak previews.

Vidispine vsctl live stats view

IMF import support

We are continuously improving the support for codecs and formats. In Vidispine 4.7 we have added support for IMF Import, the Interoperable Master Format from SMPTE, now used by among others Netflix. We support import of IMF with a new component, the DescriptorComponent. Read more about it in the IMF Import sneak preview, or in the API Documentation.

Vidispine IMF Import Support and mapping to shape


Oh joy, there is more!


External storage of private keys and secrets

Storage credentials and private keys can now be stored in an external location and no longer need to be embedded in the storage URI. Read more about storage credentials in the API documentation.

Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage buckets can now be used as storages and with any job accepting a URI. See the gs scheme in the API documentation for more details..

Even more?

The MatrixStore SDK has been updated to version 3.2, allowing Vidispine to connect to MatrixStore 3.2 clusters (see upgrade notes for more information). We have updated Dropwizard to 1.0, adding support for  https/2 over TLS (h2) and https/2 Plain Text (h2c) server connectors. Now you can use 64-bit integers in the metadata, update collection content in one single request, and we also support notification publishing to Amazon SQS. In the transcoder we added support for image sequences in ARRIRAW or OpenEXR, and DNG format. For more details, check out the 4.7 release notes.