Vidispine 4.6 Released and Available on AWS and Azure

By Patrik - August 2, 2016 (Last updated: April 9, 2017)

Vidispine 4.6 is out and available on AWS Marketplace and Azure Marketplace, in the official Vidispine repository, and on the Support Portal. Vidispine 4.6 comes with improvements to the VSA, faster and more efficient image sequence handling, CloudConvert support and more.

If you have kept an eye on the official Vidispine repository you might have seen that Vidispine 4.6 is released. Now you can also spin up your own instance immediately on AWS Marketplace and Azure Marketplace. By signing up to our Support Portal you can also download Vidispine 4.6 from there, together with the .NET SDK.

Ok, let’s look into some of the news in Vidispine 4.6.

Read-only instances

Since Vidispine 4.1 is has been possible to set up Vidispine in a cluster configuration, using either clustered GlassFish instances or since 4.2, a native cluster. The cluster is typically set up together with a load balancer such a HAProxy and a database running with master-master replication or master-slave with failover, to create a high-availability cluster configuration. In 4.6 it will be possible to set up read-only Vidispine instances, that only expose GET and certain PUT methods from the API. A read-only instance can be connected to either the master database, an asynchronous read replica or a database snapshot.

4.6 read-only Vidispine illustration

Read more about how to how to improve performance using read-only instances.

Transcode using CloudConvert

From Vidispine 4.6 you can use CloudConvert as an alternative transcoder. It’s dead simple to use, just create a CloudConvert resource in Vidispine, then start the transcode job telling Vidispine to use the CloudConvert resource as transcoder. The files can either be uploaded to CloudConvert, or accessed by CloudConvert directly. CloudConvert is supported in all import and transcode jobs. Read more about how to how to set up and use CloudConvert.

Vidispine supports CloudConvert

VSA improvements

With vidispine-server it is easier than ever to set up a high-availability configuration with Vidispine. Install Solr with ZooKeeper, use a stand-alone ActiveMQ, and any redundant PostgreSQL/MySQL solution, and you are ready to launch any number of vidispine-server instances. However, the Vidispine Server Agent (VSA) could only connect to one Vidispine instance. This caused things to break, as any Vidispine instance might have to connect to VSA to execute jobs. Not so any longer with VS 4.6.

Vidispine 46 - VSA with multiplse Vidispine instances

Read more about 4.6 VSA options such as VSA without SSH tunnel, and VSA with multiple Vidispine instances.

Improved image sequence handling

OK, we admit it. The old way of handling image sequences files was really inefficient. For an hour of 25 fps content, that is 90k rows for the files in the database, 90k components, 90k times X number of component metadata. You see where this is heading? With 4.6, a file sequence is an entity on its own.

Read more about the more efficient image sequence handling in Vidispine 4.6.


You can load balance files over multiple storages in a storage group. We have some search improvements, custom job types , possibility to completely delete a user, added document and PDF as media types, and much more. You can read more about all new features, improvements and bug fixes in the Vidispine 4.6 release notes.