Vidispine 4.5 Released – Read About All the Goodies Here

By Patrik - March 2, 2016 (Last updated: May 17, 2018)

Vidispine 4.5 is here for you now! We bring you VSA support for both S3 compatible storages and Spectra Logic BlackPearl, increased performance with content paths, a beta of our new feature Export Templates, and many improvements. You can spin it up on AWS Marketplace as we speak. Read more about all the goodies in Vidispine 4.5 below.

From version 4.5 we support S3 compatible storage in Vidispine and in the VSA. This allows on-premise storages and archives to be connected to Vidispine via the agent. It’s as simple as connecting a storage using the s3 scheme.

VSA illustration

We are also proud to announce that we now fully support connecting Spectra Logic BlackPearl storage systems with the Spectra S3 interface. You can do this both from Vidispine and the Vidispine Server Agent (VSA). MD5, CRC32 and CRC32c checksums are supported. Use the ds3 scheme when you connect your storage.

Illustrating Spectra Logic BlackPearl

The item search resources have been updated with support for content paths and aliases. This allows for reduced response sizes and improved performance when fetching content relating to an item. The batch list job and list library job has also been updated to support content paths.

If you’re in for some beta functionality you should try out the Export Templates. They are here to make it easier for you to programmatically tailor output to distribution standards. Export templates have been made available as beta functionality in this version. Beta means that syntax may change somewhat for the final implementation. This version is also a call for feedback for other functionality that you would like to see. You can get an overview of Export Templates in this blog post. We’d love to get feedback on this from you.

We have also made a number of improvements and performance enhancements such as:

  • Color profiles can now be detected from XMP metadata. Several profiles are now bundled with the transcoder. See Image-only settings in the API documentation.
  • Full-text queries can now be used in search operators. This allows you to for example find collections matching one text query and that contain items matching another text query.
  • The collection metadata resource has been updated with a number of endpoints that were previously only available for the item metadata.
  • The position and style of burnt in timecodes can now be customized per preset.
  • External transcoders now support using non-local watch folders.

For further details, see the 4.5 release highlights section in the online API documentation.

All editions of Vidispine 4.5 are now available for immediate access. Kickstart your development with a 30-day Developer trial on AWS Marketplace and Microsoft Azure Marketplace. You can find all editions and pricing options on the Vidispine pricing page.

If you already are running a Vidispine instance, you can update to 4.5 with these simple commands.

echo "deb [arch=amd64] trusty/stable 4.5" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/vidispine.list
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo vidispine-admin db migrate

We have of course updated our SDK to version 4.5 as well, and you can download it on the support portal (login needed) as usual.