Vidispine 4.4 Now Released on AWS Marketplace

By Nils - November 11, 2015 (Last updated: April 5, 2017)

We have updated Vidispine on AWS Marketplace with the brand new 4.4 version, and we want to remind you about our offers there. We have three types of packages – for media management developers, for web application developers and also a 30-day free trial on a development edition to get you started.

We are happy to introduce Vidispine 4.4 directly on AWS Marketplace with packages for all uses, including a 30-day free trial to get you started with your video application. The Developer, Team and Department Editions additionally includes a license to use one instance of the new Vidispine Server Agent. The Vidispine Server Agent helps you bridge the gap between your local files and Vidispine running in the cloud, with full security for your local files.

Vidispine is a perfect fit with other Amazon services, and we can integrate directly with Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, Amazon Elastic Transcoder, Amazon EFS, Amazon Directory Service, and Amazon RDS. You can read more about our integrations with Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier in other posts.

If you sign up to our Support Portal we can give you support on all editions, also during your 30-day free trial on the Development edition. Communicate directly with our development team to get the most out of your Vidispine installation.

Links directly to the editions on AWS Marketplace can be found in the descriptions below or on the pricing page.

Developer’s Edition

The Developer’s Edition is what you need when getting started with your video project, before you go into production. Max 40 users and one Vidispine Server Agent with a 30-day free trial. All features are enabled, also during the 30-day trial, but we will add a watermark to the transcoded content. Full decode and encode capability for all standard and professional codecs and formats. 30 day free trial.

Team and Department Edition

We have set up the Team Edition and Department Edition for building applications where you have a huge number of assets, handled by a relatively small number of people. Think agency, or the production or creative team at a larger company. This edition come in two sizes – Team with up to 10 users, and Department with up to 60 users.  In both of them you can have an unlimited amount of assets, and there is one Vidispine Server Agent included if you need to build a hybrid local/cloud solution. All features are of course enabled. Transcoding capability for standard and professional codecs such as H.264, RED, MPEG2, DPX, PSD, TIFF, DNG and more.

Website Edition

The Website Edition is for building web applications and web sites, where you have a large number of users, but relatively few assets. Think video content management systems for web publishing. This package includes an unlimited number of users, with a  maximum of  8000 assets. All features enabled. Transcoding capability for web codecs such as H.264, MPEG-4, Theora and more.