Vidispine 4.13 Released on Vidinet and Elsewhere

By Vidispine - May 7, 2018

The Vidispine API 4.13 is now out with new features, improvements, and some bug fixes, all to make your solutions better. 


We have a fantastic update on the metadata side. You can now add semantic relations between metadata values using metadata datasets, defined using standard RDF/XML or TURTLE documents. This means that Vidispine can do the validation of metadata field value relations instead of doing it in the application, and you can restrict returned values based on another field, e.g., return all cities in a specific country. You can even use your already existing RDF documents. Because you are defining your metadata in RDF, don’t you? Read more about metadata datasets in the API docs.

Using RDF documents to validate metadata fields

In the advanced codecs section, we now have support for DNXHR encode and ProRes 4444XQ. Read more about DNXH* and ProRes support. For those of you using the Vidinet transcoders, we’re happy to say that we now support thumbnail creation for thumbnails stored on S3. Just specify the Vidinet resource when starting the thumbnail job to use Vidinet.

On the infrastructure side, we have added support for Microsoft SQL Server 2017. There are a few differences in the setup between MySQL and SQL Server, so make sure you take a look at the database initialization instructions.

Vidispine version 4.13 is available immediately when creating a new Vidispine API service in Vidinet. The existing Vidispine API instance running in Vidinet have automatically been upgraded to version 4.13. For good old upgrading outside of Vidinet, 4.13 is available in Vidispine’s support forum as well as in the official Vidispine repo.

We have also released the following maintenance updates;  4.12.1, 4.11.2 and 4.10.3. As usual, find all release notes in the API documentation, and if you have questions, just head over to our support forum or mail us directly.