Vidinet Updated With Azure Support and Better Import

By Vidispine - January 19, 2018

We have updated Vidinet with new functionality and now support Vidinet on Azure, import to Vidispine using a Vidinet transcoder, and image transcoding.

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Vidinet on Azure Cloud

The Vidinet Transcoding Service is now available on Microsoft Azure. The service enables Vidispine customers with media content on Azure Blob storages to import, transcode and transwrap video and images with no egress transfer costs from Azure.

This highly scalable service runs right next to your content, and you pay per processed content minute (starting at USD 0.032 per minute). The service is currently available in North Europe region with more regions to come.

Vidispine import support

The Vidinet Transcoding Service on AWS and Azure now supports importing media to your Vidispine system. This eliminates the need for a local transcoder on your Vidispine 4.12 Server when your media content resides on S3 or Azure. All common import methods in Vidispine API are supported. Read more in the API documentation.

Imports are priced at USD 0.01 per asset. If the import job also contains a transcode step (e.g. creating a proxy), the import cost is waived.

Image support

The Vidinet Transcoding Service on AWS and Azure has been extended with support for importing, transcoding and transwrapping images. Image transcoding is priced at USD 0.02 per file. All common image formats are supported, including PDF.

Sign up now and get USD 100 worth of Vidinet service usage.