Transfer Files Between Storages Using FileCatalyst

By Patrik - September 3, 2015 (Last updated: April 4, 2017)

Do you need to transfer huge files between storages and already have FileCatalyst. Vidispine integrates well with FileCatalyst and allow you to initiate transfers between storages using FileCatalyst with a simple storage configuration.

Vidispine has added a special storage method for FileCatalyst with the URI filecatalyst://{user}:{password}/{host}[:{port}]/{any relative path from the FileCatalyst root} , and the type TRANSFER .storage2storage

A simple example would be Vidispine and FileCatalyst running on the same server, and you want to handle /srv/media/incoming , transferring to a FileCatalyst storage with FileCatalyst user fc  (password s3cret ), and home root directory /srv/media . This setup would require the StorageDocument below.

<StorageDocument xmlns="">
    <uri>filecatalyst://fc:s3cret@localhost:2100/incoming/</uri>  <!-- /srv/media + incoming = /srv/media/incoming -->

More about the FileCatalyst integration can be found in the Vidispine API documentation.