Stuff we liked Week of Oct 19th

By Patrik - October 23, 2015 (Last updated: April 5, 2017)

This week we talked about 360 video, yes, we saw the Star Wars video, but this time it was the math behind it that caught our eye. We also kept on pondering automatic video storytelling, and one alternative, and lastly we saw some researchers taking human facial re-enactment one step further. This week have less to talk about, because we worked hard to build an exciting new release for you all.

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Automatic storytelling keeps on popping up in many places, with companies using AI and video analysis like Magisto to create compelling stories from your video footage. This trend will not stop, especially not on the consumer side. Hours of video is hard to create good stories from, and I say better get something than nothing from your files. Grandma will be thrilled to get an automatically edited video with the highlights from your kids week. On the other hand, if you want the personal touch you would want to involve some human editors, and this is where the cloud enables us to get video editing marketplaces, like this one from VidMod. The future is exciting for video editing and video storytelling.

It’s no surprise we like video here at Vidispine, and we love to take part of what others are doing with video. You cannot have missed the Star Wars 360 trailer a few weeks back, and you might also have thought about how they do it on the backend. Now we know, thanks to Facebooks engineering blog. If you’re into creating 360 and can’t afford a full VR setup, maybe creating VR using just a mobile phone and algorithms is for you.

Cloud is always on my mind, and so are the irritating box that pops up on my phone all the time – “You are running low on storage” – Camra have built an app that can shoot video direct to the cloud. No more storage problems if they do what they promise.

A few weeks I mentioned the Adobe Character Animator in a blog post, but a team of researchers have taken real-time facial re-enactment a step further, doing it live, on human faces. Take a moment to watch the video below, it’s worth the time for some amazement.

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