Save Space and Money With CloudCopy Archiving

By Patrik - October 3, 2017 (Last updated: November 3, 2017)

So, you have already filled your storage quota and need more. You can buy more online storage, or use the new item archive capability. You can now archive individual items in VidiXplore with the new CloudCopy Archive feature. Use archiving when your standard CloudCopy storage fills up, but you still need to find and access the files. Find and explore files with the same search interface.

VidiXplore comes with 2GB of CloudCopy storage per site in the free version, and 5GB respectively 100GB per user in the paid version. When full you have had the option of removing files or adding on more CloudCopy storage, depending on what was best for your workflow. We have now also added the option of moving less used items to archival storage, while still having them findable in the same user interface as your regular items. Any item can be archived, and you can even make new sub-clips from your archived items without restoring them first.

Item Archive Menu


Archive items using the menu in the top right corner of the item view. This will start the archiving, and change status of the item to “Archival in progress” until the item is archived. Then the status will turn into “CloudCopy Archived”. During the archiving status can also be seen in the status bar.

You can find and explore the archived items just like any other, and you can also create sub-clips directly from the archived item. To be able to transcode an archived an item you need to restore it back to the online CloudCopy storage again, using the same menu.

Restore CloudCopy

So, how do I get it? All users in all tiers have 2GB of CloudCopy archival storage at their disposal per site. If you need more archival storage for your account, users (business and standard users) on a paid plan can buy it in 100GB increments at the cost of €7/100GB/site. Buy more storage under “Your Account->Users&Billing.” Users on the free plan must upgrade to a paid plan to add archival storage.

Add more archival storage in 100GB increments

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