Our Latest improvements to the Vidixplore Experience

By Patrik - November 22, 2017 (Last updated: November 23, 2017)

Today nobody likes slow. We want all information right at our fingertips as fast a possible. We realized that Vidixplore did not deliver on what we all have come to expect from a performant web application, so we spent the last months rewriting large parts of it. We are happy to say the new version is finally live for you to try out!

The focus for the current update of Vidixplore has been to create a new Explore-experience, making the navigation quicker and improving the overview of your items and collections. The new preview pane makes it easier to see item and collection metadata and gives you access to relevant functions. With the new collection tree, you can also directly see where in the tree your item is located, allowing for a quicker collection navigation.

In the video above you can also see that we have created a new overlay viewer, where you can view and play any content. The viewer also gives you access to the relevant functions depending on the type of item.

Preview pane

A click on any item brings up the new preview pane with all relevant metadata and access to the relevant functions. When the preview pane is open you can use the keyboard to navigate between the files and collections, and immediately get a preview.

Overlay viewer

The new overlay viewer is used for all types of content. All functions relevant to the current item is available inside the overlay.

Overlay viewer/player

Improved collection view

The new collection view contains a collection tree with a better overview of the sub-collection. The collection tree gives you a lot faster navigation around large collections. The collection view also contains bulk action support for all items in the collection.

Collection tree

Comments on selectable time range

Add comments on a time range directly from the overlay player. Default time range is one second, and that is also what will be used when commenting in the preview pane.

Comments on time range

Keyboard shortcuts

The Explore view now have arrow key navigation setup. Find what you need without leaving your keyboard. A single click to an asset will open the preview panel, with a double-click or enter to open either the player overlay or collection view.

Other changes and improvements

  • A large part of the user interface has a fresh new coat of paint and a new set of icons
  • Improved suggestions in Search on phrases with uppercase letters
  • New camera-metadata for images
    • Shutter speed, f-ratio, ISO and Camera manufacturer
  • New look for metadata-timelines
  • Better performance and improved seeking in the video player
  • Overall large code improvements Vidixplore more stable, performant and future proof.

What hasn’t changed?

Good question! We’ve restructured almost the whole Vidixplore code base to increase performance, stability and make it future proof. But on the user side, you won’t see any changes (except new icons) in the Account-area. Neither the search or the clip bin has gone through any changes besides minor graphical tweaks.

VidiXplore is Vidispine’s media asset management SaaS, entirely built on top of the Vidispine Server API. Sign up and try it out, or login and try the new features if you’re already a user.