New and Improved Version of VidiXplore Out Now

By Patrik - July 12, 2016 (Last updated: June 13, 2018)

Summer time is improvement time. The VidiXplore product team have spent the last six months listening to you, prototyping, and then finally turning learnings into improvements to help you solve your problems faster. Besides some new features, we have also tweaked the user interface in many areas.

It’s here, the new and improved version of VidiXplore, with many user interface tweaks and a few new features we’re really proud of. Take a look at frame accurate subclipping, custom metadata support via XML sidecar files and even better search capabilities.

What did we do?

Frame accurate sub clipping
VidiXplore v11 Subclip Tool

You asked for it, and you got it. You now can do frame accurate sub clipping on any video proxy. Select your in-point and out-point, and then add it to your private storyboard. When you are finished, you can play, re-arrange and share the lowres clips.

You can either save the subclips to one new file for quick sharing with the normal VidiXplore share options. Easiest way to quickly share that special moment. You can also select to save all the subclips in an existing, or new, collection for later use. You choose what you want to do.

Custom metadata support

VidiXplore v11 Custom Metadata

The ability to create custom metadata fields was high on both our user’s list, and our own list of additions to VidiXplore. We have created custom metadata fields on both collection level, and item level, all configurable from the admin interface. Not only that, you can export the resulting XML, and use them as a base to create sidecar XML files that you import together with your items. This will allow you to automatically add custom metadata to items, at mass scale.

Search auto-complete with categories

Categorised auto-complete of hits as you type your search.

The search user interface have been improved, and you directly get auto-complete showing what categories the search word can be found in. A panel under the search field will show you suggested hits for titles, tags, comments, etc as you type. The powerful free text search is of course still there.

Account Dashboard and Activity Monitor

VidiXplore v11 Dashboard and Admin

The new Account Dashboard and Activity Monitor will tell you the status of all ongoing activities for Agents, Cloud Storages, WebUploads, Transcodes etc — all in one place. You can also reach all admin features from this view.

Selective Sync from VidiXplore Agent

VidiXplore v11 Selective Sync and Admin

The new VidiXplore Agent shows detailed synchronisation status for every file. You can re-sync lost files and perform individual CloudCopy uploads from the Agent. You can also automatically create Collections for your folders when importing.

Now what? Go ahead and check it out, set up the agent, upload som files with web upload, the agent or connecting a cloud storage, and then try out the new features. Signup or login at