Meet Our Friends from Spectra Logic at NAB2016

By Vidispine - April 15, 2016 (Last updated: April 9, 2017)

We’re closing in on NAB, and it’s time to hear from another one of our friends. Let me present SpectraLogic, experts on digital archiving solution. With SpectraLogic BlackPearl and Vidispine you can view your archive in the cloud.

Spectra Logic understands Media & Entertainment’s digital archive challenges.  Spectra solutions are backed by more than three decades of experience and emphasize ease of use, constant access to content and industry-leading density that can easily scale to millions of broadcast hours.

Designed to meet the demands of today’s exponential data growth and long term retention requirements, Spectra BlackPearl enables users to archive assets on affordable, scalable deep storage. BlackPearl writes data to deep storage tape using the open standard LTFS, assuring content’s integrity and availability. Desired content is directly recalled through intelligent, self-describing objects. BlackPearl seamlessly integrates archives into workflows and is fully integrated with Vidispine, allowing for direct search and recall of assets in the most complex workflows.

Spectra BlackPearl + Vidispine illustration

Vidispine and BlackPearl provide media professionals with a customizable end-to-end workflow that includes robust management functionality and an affordable, highly scalable archive using both public and private (hybrid) cloud. Customers can quickly and easily manage, archive, locate and restore valuable media content using the fully integrated solution.


This blog post was written by Spectra Logic. You can find them in booth #SL11816 at NAB. Go there and see what they are up to, or swing by Vidispine in AWS booth #SL9016 and ask about the integration.