Meet Alfred, the new intelligent scaling service

By Vidispine - March 30, 2016 (Last updated: April 9, 2017)

Time for another of our guest posts. This time we asked the team at DSB Consulting to describe what Alfred, the one-of-a-kind new service for media companies, is. Read more about Alfred, the DevOps butler, and learn how it works together with the Vidispine API.

Alfred logo

Meet Alfred, your new DevOps butler! Alfred was created at DSB Consulting, and we use him in innovative ways in virtually everything DSB does. He’s become such an integral member of our team that we’ve given him his own name, look and personality… and soon even his own voice!

In addition to looking super cool, Alfred can provide Vidispine customers with unprecedented visibility into their entire systems from a media processing standpoint.

Alfred Dashboard Screenshot

Alfred is the world’s first DevOps service that offers intelligent scaling (instead of basic auto scaling) for media processing. What’s the difference? Auto scaling merely looks at machine- or network-level events to manage load. While Alfred does that too, he also looks at business-level events and factors them into scaling triggers. Have a job that’s been running for an unusually long time in a transcoder? Alfred will alert you!

Alfred’s game changing visibility not only allows you to see – and fix – everything going on in your media processing system. He helps you to save time and money by streamlining your processes and identifying problems as early as possible.

Vidispine customers can use the following DSB’s managed services powered by Alfred:

  • Alfred Logs: backed by AWS Cloudwatch Logs, this service enables log aggregation, search, filtering and alerting.
  • Alfred Monitoring: monitor for specific media processing and file transfer utilities.
  • Alfred Intelligent Scaling: auto scaling for transcoders and file transfer clusters which includes business-level events.
  • Alfred Action Packs: based on Postman, this service empowers automation script execution and management.

This post was written by our friends at DSB Consulting.