Attaching Subtitles to an Item

By Petter - August 11, 2015 (Last updated: April 3, 2017)

Timed metadata fields is a powerful tool which makes it simple to attach subtitle metadata to an item. This post describes Vidispine’s built-in support for subtitles.

Vidispine has support for importing SRT and STL files and attaching them to existing items. There are two ways to perform such an import:

  1. Provide Vidispine with a URL pointing to the subtitle file:
    POST /import/sidecar/{item-id}?sidecar=file:///path/to/subtitles.stl&jobmetadata=subtitleLanguage=en-UK
  2. Send the subtitle file in the body of the request:
    POST /import/sidecar/{item-id}/raw?jobmetadata=subtitleLanguage=en-UK


Once imported, the contents of the subtitle file will have been added to the item metadata, and each entry in the file ends up in the appropriate timespan. You can read more about subtitles in Vidispine in the API documentation.